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Restaurant Cooking Equipment

Ranges are the foundation of all kitchens, from gas to electric, you can find commercial ranges with a variety of stove tops and bases here.

Flat top griddlies, charbroilers, panini grills, teppanyaki, a variety of commercial grills to help your kitchen improve the quality of cooking meats and vegetables.

Electric or gas, fully automatic or semi-automatic, you can choose from different types to reduce costs and increase the output of fried food.

From cakes and pizzas to meats, different types of commercial ovens use different functions to meet all your baking needs and increase sales.

Using the safest induction method to provide heat, induction cookers bring convenience and a safe cooking experience to your kitchen.

Whether it’s pasta, noodles or vegetables and meats, you can choose a countertop or vertical commercial pasta cooker to add to their taste.

Cook your food healthier with the even steam of a commercial steamer that provides the food with the heat it needs to ripen quickly without losing moisture.

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The Right Cooking Equipment is the Key to More Efficient Restaurant Operations

Cooking equipment is the heart of a commercial kitchen and also essential to the success of any restaurant business. Whether you’re ready to start a new business or update your commercial kitchen, you can find the right cooking equipment and snack equipment at Chefmax and use them to improve the efficiency and quality of your cooking and give your food a better taste.

From Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, fast food restaurants and bakeries to food trucks and snack stands, each cooking scenario requires different equipment that needs to be selected in terms of specifications, energy type and functionality. This is a careful and cumbersome process and Chefmax can help you find the most suitable packages.

Commercial ranges offer the widest range of cooking styles, usually gas types in Chinese restaurants, which means they can provide open flames and great heat to help chefs stir-fry ingredients at high temperatures. In addition, commercial ranges are also capable of cooking such as sautéing and braising, as well as frying fillings and sauces for bakeries. Induction style ranges are popular for minimal heat loss and fast response, and it does not raise kitchen temperatures.

Regarding fryers, you can find tabletop fryers for tight spaces and small orders, floor standing fryers for higher output, and pressure fryers for frying a whole chicken in a short time. They all offer temperature control and safety protection, a memory menu feature helps increase frying efficiency, and you don’t need to repeatedly adjust time and temperature manually.

We also offer baking ovens that specialize in bread, cakes, and cookies, combination ovens for roasting meats and vegetables, and pizza ovens that give pizza its special flavor. If you have a restaurant with many baking categories, we recommend split ovens that cook different foods at the same time and their smells do not interfere with each other. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials, from 2-dish countertop ovens to 32-dish roll-in ovens.

Countertop or upright commercial griddles bring you the perfect searing of bacon, chops, vegetables and seafood, and grills give meats beautiful charred brown streaks. If you need to cook food at the front of the restaurant, teppanyaki is the best choice, with built-in ventilation ducts in various arrangements to keep the dining environment fresh.

In addition, commercial steamers, pasta cookers, and snack equipment of all kinds can be trusted for quality, and no matter what type of catering business you run, Chefmax has a complete set of equipment to keep the kitchen running.

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