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If you are interested in opening your own fast food restaurant, then this article can help you understand everything about starting a fast food restaurant in terms of site selection, planning layout, restaurant design and the fast food kitchen equipment needed.

Table of Contents

1. What is fast food and fast food restaurants

Fast food is a type of commercial food that can be produced quickly in large quantities, with an emphasis on speed of service, and refers to food containing frozen, preheated or pre-cooked ingredients sold in restaurants or stores and offered in packaged form for take-out.

Fast food restaurant refers to a specific restaurant that serves fast food cuisine. Fast food restaurants serve foods that are typically meat and sweet, including fish and chips, sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken, onion rings, chicken nuggets, pizza, hot dogs, mashed potatoes and ice cream, served from a limited menu, cooked in large quantities ahead of time and kept hot, finished and packaged to order. 

Fast Food Restaurant

2. What you need to do when starting a fast food restaurant

A. Site selection

Fast food restaurant is best to choose in the entertainment district and industrial and commercial gathering area with high customer flow, relatively, the rent here is more expensive, due to the nature of fast food, using a small store can serve many customers, in the case of limited funds, you can reduce the dining area, more production can take away take-out, you can also choose to rent a nearby central kitchen to save money.

B. Design kitchen layout

For fast food restaurants, the most important thing is efficiency. When the order is full, the staff may have to deal with a group of customers who are in a hurry to go to work. But fast food restaurants’ menus are usually not that complicated, and you can design the process of making the main products as an assembly line to shorten the time from taking out the ingredients, cooking, assembling to delivering.

Some fast-food restaurants move the drink-making area out of the kitchen and place it next to the serving counter, where employees can quickly place drinks before handing them over to customers, and also prevent drinks from being spilled during the transfer from the kitchen to the serving counter.

C. Set menu

In addition to the standard fast food menu, such as burgers and fries, the menu also needs to be adapted to the local food culture, because fast food has produced unique categories in each country, such as fish fry, which is popular in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and sushi, which is common in fast food restaurants in Japan, etc. Adding dishes based on local characteristics will be more popular.

D. Procurement of equipment

Fast food kitchen equipment should be selected according to the established menu and kitchen space, and some changes will be made after the trial run, for example, your fries are very popular, so you may have to purchase another fryer. So you only need to buy the necessary equipment and try to avoid filling the kitchen to the brim at the beginning.

The most important thing when purchasing equipment is the quality and safety aspect, these equipment will be in the back of the kitchen for a long time, if there is a failure will directly affect the business, you can consult with experienced suppliers to help solve these problems, direct one-stop kitchen equipment.

E. Recruiting staff

The last step is to recruit staff, you need some enthusiastic and responsible staff, experienced staff is the best choice, if you also want to recruit inexperienced staff, then please standardize the training process, so that they can quickly learn to operate the fast food kitchen equipment.

3. What is needed to design a fast food restaurant?

A. Bright and warm color scheme

You may notice that fast food restaurants, compared to other restaurants, more use of red, orange and yellow and other bright warm colors (“ketchup mustard” color scheme), the reason is that fast food restaurants to highlight the “fast” feature, compared to blue, brown and other can make people feel calm Compared with blue, brown and other colors that can make people feel calm, warm colors can better adapt to the work of the rapid pace of dining, and warm colors can promote appetite, may make your meal more popular with customers.

B. Reasonable layout of the dining area

Fast food restaurants generally use the customer self-service way, the customer’s route of action is from the order, self-service meal and leave, the staff only need to prepare meals at the counter, and after the customer finished eating to clean up the table, to reasonably plan the movement of the crowd route, to avoid poor access and collision. If the take-out and dine-in pick-up areas are slightly separated, it can largely reduce the congestion problem during the peak dining period.

C. Focus on service efficiency

Fast food restaurant audience generally do not need too comprehensive service, they are more important to service efficiency, that is, they can quickly find staff and solve problems, if the restaurant area is large, you need to have 1-3 employees to stay in the dining area, timely solve customer problems and responsible for collecting the dinner plate, convenient for the next customer seated (the front desk staff is usually busy preparing meals).

D. Simple decoration

Do not have to spend too much effort on the decoration of fast food restaurants, because simple and stylish is the culture of fast food restaurant decoration. One of the characteristics of fast food restaurants is to maximize the use of available space. All interior elements, such as order counters and buffet tables, are designed to increase turnover, so they have only one requirement: “practicality”.

Many fast food restaurants have a children’s playground with toys such as slides and trampolines, providing a place for children to have fun and convince their families to return.

4. What equipment is needed for an fast food restaurant?

Choosing the right equipment is crucial to the success of any restaurant. For fast food restaurants, efficiency is far more important than diverse cooking equipment, so when choosing kitchen equipment for fast food restaurants, creating high efficiency in limited space is the only principle, so fully automatic, high-powered equipment has higher priority than semi-automatic, low-powered equipment.

A. Commercial Freezer

Fast food restaurant necessary commercial kitchen equipment, divided into air-cooled and direct-cooled type, storage burger patties, fried chicken pieces and other meat, there are two options: foam door and glass door, if you want to display clear, more convenient for employees to take ingredients, glass door is the best choice.

B. Preservation cabinet

Extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits, suitable for restaurant refrigeration to preserve salads, fruits, snacks ingredients, glass door crisper can be placed in the front room to display salad plates and other snacks.

C. Commercial fryer

Fast food restaurant kitchen core equipment, most of the food on the menu to use it, including donuts, French fries, fried chicken, fried fish, burger patties and a variety of fried snacks. Fast food restaurants generally choose countertop or built-in fryer, because it can save space and easy to operate.

D. Commercial oven

Convection Ovens: Heat burger bread, egg tarts, sandwiches, grilled chicken and other foods through hot air circulation, some hot air convection ovens come with a steam replenishment function.

Combination ovens: There are combinations of hot air circulation ovens, normal ovens, fermentation ovens and other types with versatility, you can stack them in combination to save space and improve production efficiency at the same time.

Pizza Oven: If there is enough space, you can also purchase a pizza oven dedicated to making pizza, it can make pizza with a unique flavor.

commercial gas oven

E. Commercial grills

Pan-fried beef patties or eggs in sandwiches, chicken wings, sausages, meatloaf, bacon rolls and other vegetables can also be placed on the panel cooking, there are smooth panels and grill-like panels to choose from, the latter can leave a beautiful burn marks on the food.

F. Ice cream maker / snow machine

Making ice cream and sorbet-type desserts, according to the season and holiday constantly introduced new styles, which is a popular part of the menu of fast food restaurants.

G. Coffee machine

Coffee machines are indispensable fast food kitchen equipment, and the versatile espresso machine is the best choice. The working population very much like to use a variety of coffee with the meal.

H. Storage shelves and shelves

To place all kitchen supplies, you need to choose materials that do not easily breed bacteria, such as coated and stainless steel, and to consider the removability of storage shelves and shelves, easy to clean the floor.

I. Disinfection cabinet

High temperature air circulation to disinfect dishes, cutting boards and pots and pans to prevent the growth of bacteria, helping the kitchen to meet high standards of hygiene and safety.

G. Range hood

Fast food restaurants use more frying methods, the range hood can eliminate smoke and grease in the air, maintain fresh air and reduce the adhesion of oil on the machine.

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