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Ketuhar Putar Perolakan Elektrik CM-TI-32E Ketuhar Putar Komersial Untuk Restoran

Use this electric convection rotary oven to dramatically improve the quality of your baked goods and increase profits in your commercial kitchen!

With a large capacity of 32 layers, suitable for large bakeries, food processing plants and central kitchens to make all kinds of bread, pastry, nuts and jerky. Fast heating, five-stage air outlet heating evenly, automatic bottom rotation, even heating, optional steam humidification function to improve the quality and taste of baked products.
The device is equipped with an intelligent control panel that allows precise temperature regulation, timing and menu editing. The glass sight window and high temperature resistant bulb provide good visibility of theconvection rotary oven and help you keep track of the baking progress.

ketuhar elektrik untuk kedai roti
Oven door handle
Cangkang keluli tahan karat
The electric convection rotary oven shell and liner are made of 1.5mm thickness of 201 stainless steel plate, and the bottom plate is 4mm thickness of channel steel, which is beautiful and strong, sturdy and durable with long service life.
Emergency stop button
Perlindungan keselamatan
The emergency stop switch is able to cut off power with one key in case of emergency, and there is also a touch switch on the oven door, which stops operation when the door is opened to protect the operator's safety.
Panel kawalan komputer pintar
Panel kawalan pintar
The control panel displays clearly, switches between manual and automatic, allows for timing and editing of up to 8 menus without repeated settings, and an electric bell rings to remind when time is up.
Pita pengedap
Seal rubber strip
100mm thickness insulation layer and sealing rubber strip make the commercial rotary oven for restaurant get precious thermal protection, heat will not leak out and the surface of the equipment will not be hot to achieve energy saving and safety effect.
Glass view window
The full glass window gives the electric convection rotary oven the best visibility, so the operator can observe the status of the baked products at any time and master the cooking condition.
industrial bread oven
Ketuhar Putar Perolakan Elektrik CM-TI-32E Ketuhar Putar Komersial Untuk Restoran



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Intelligent Touch Screen


201 keluli tahan karat



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ketuhar elektrik untuk kedai roti
Ketuhar Putar Perolakan Elektrik CM-TI-32E Ketuhar Putar Komersial Untuk Restoran



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