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After-Sales Service Support in Thailand: Restaurant Kitchen Solutions

Post on 10/01/2023

Chefmax understands the importance of after-sales service for every customer of restaurant kitchen solutions and has taken proactive steps to ensure that our customers receive a first-class product and enjoy more comprehensive support throughout the cooking process.

The good news is that the long-awaited after-sales support service is now being implemented, and Chefmax is sending professional after-sales representatives to Thailand with comprehensive knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment to come to our customers’ homes to guide them on-site on the installation and commissioning of the machines, the proper operation of the equipment as well as its maintenance, to ensure that our customers will have a great experience and improve the efficiency of their restaurant operations.

First, our after-sales representative came to the famous Chocolate Ville, one of the most famous landmarks in the country. It is a unique theme restaurant known for its seamless integration of food, entertainment and natural scenery. Chefmax offers them a range of commercial kitchen equipment. The most highly praised among them is this customized automatic stir fry machine, which they usually use to cook fried rice or various dishes. Such a large flow of customers also means that more efficient machines are needed to complete the cooking process. Our stir fry machines achieve automation and provide an excellent user experience. At the same time, precise temperature control also achieves the extraordinary aroma and taste of dishes. During this visit, the most common feedback from their employees was about the use of equipment, such as the temperature and firepower settings for each dish. After our patient guidance, their employees can operate the machine more skillfully. At the same time, It also expresses its great gratitude to Chefmax for coming!

In addition, we also visited other customers, such as the distribution customers of bingsu machines. This is also one of the customers with whom we have good cooperation. They purchased nearly 200 bignsu machines from us. The main problems they reported back were lack of cooling, production problems, liquid leakage and lack of materials, etc. Our after-sales representatives can very well determine the problem just by looking at the machine. Afterward, he mainly explained why these problems occurred and how to solve them from the parameter settings of the machine, the installation, and the placement of the blades and the machine. He also explained the subsequent use and maintenance and solved all the problems in less than an hour. Our professionalism has also been greatly recognized by customers, and it also shows that we will strengthen cooperation with us in the future.

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There is also the highly respected Mango Tree Thai style restaurant, which is also a regular customer of ours. We provide them with complete restaurant kitchen solutions. They have opened many branches and our new projects are also in progress. This time, we mainly support them with existing equipment, of which commercial dishwashers have attracted much attention. Insufficient cleanliness was a problem reported by them. Our after-sales representatives provided technical analysis and guidance one by one on water pressure, power, detergent and other technical aspects. When they practiced washing new kitchenware, they got a brand-new effect.

In addition, there are our dry ager beef cabinet customers, commercial steamer customers and other one-stop partners. By providing comprehensive solutions to their specific challenges, all clients recognize our professionalism and demonstrate the potential for further collaboration between the two parties.

Chefmax bignsu machines service
commercial dishwasher after sales support
commercial dishwasher service

Going forward, establishing a dedicated after-sales team in Thailand marks the beginning of a wider plan to provide localized after-sales support in more countries. Underscoring our commitment to meeting the unique needs of its global customer base. This move not only strengthens our relationships with existing customers but also positions us for continued growth and success in a dynamic culinary environment.

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