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10 Best Commercial Cooking Machine in 2024

Post on 31/10/2022

Commercial cooking machine is gradually becoming more known as the newly emerged commercial kitchen equipment. This machine is designed to save labor cost and improve cooking efficiency, to achieve automation and intelligence, so it is not suitable for restaurants that need flexible cooking functions and delicate small amount of dishes, but more suitable for restaurants, canteens, central kitchens and food processing plants that need batch production of dishes.

This article will introduce the cooking machine, including its principles, types and the best cooking machine. We hope that everyone who wants to learn about the cooking machine will gain from what we have shared.

Table of Contents

1.What is a cooking machine?

Cooking machine is a kitchen equipment that can automatically stir fry ingredients according to the set time and temperature, which is suitable for making the same type of stir fry, fried rice, fried noodles or raw material processing.

It is composed of heating system and rotating system to complete cooking, which can achieve rapid heating and three-dimensional stir-frying, to achieve stable quality, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Stir frying machine usually uses induction heating, but there are also electric and gas types.

Large commercial cooking machines

   Cooking machine consists of 6 parts:

      •   Control circuit: There are various programs in the control chip, which can set the time and temperature to realize the program and automation

      •   Heating system: double area heating on the side and bottom of the pan, even heating, shortening the maturing time

      •   Stirring teeth: simulate air automatic stirring function, stirring ingredients evenly

      •   Display board: divided into button, touch, knob type, used to set the time, temperature and frying mode of stir-fry

      •   Shell: play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation, filtering and sealing

      •   Feeding system: Timing and quantitative input of seasoning to ensure uniform taste

2.What are the types of cooking machines?

A.Rotating Pot Cooking Machine

Rotating pot cooking machines are generally small in size and are often placed on the counter top. Their shape is basically the same as the induction range, where the pots and pans are placed flat on the heating panel to cook food by induction or electric heating.

The difference is that the rear of the device is fixed with a bracket and stirring teeth, which can be automatically stirred after the ingredients are put in, eliminating the need for manual stirring process. The front operation panel allows you to adjust the speed and temperature and set the time.

It is designed for chain restaurants and snack bars to ensure standardized taste of dishes and save labor costs.

B.Drum Mixing Cooking Machine

This type of commercial cooking machine uses a tilting drum as the cooking utensil. The tilting design is designed to allow for greater contact between the food and the pan and more even heating. They generally use induction heating, but a few models also use gas as the energy source.

The common cooking machines used in commercial kitchens are of this type. There is a distinction between Desktop Cooking Machine and Floor Cooking Machine. Desktop cooking machine is smaller in size, with a capacity ranging from 4-12L, and is suitable for small restaurants or restaurants that produce more take-out.

Commercial cooking machines in the kitchen

Some of the larger floor cooking machines can cook up to 80KG of food at a time, and although it has limited cooking options, if there is a need to make a large amount of stir-fry, fried rice and fried noodles in a short period of time, then the productivity of this type of cooking machine trumps all commercial ranges. Regarding the number of rollers, common cooking machines have only one roller, while some models will have multiple rollers side by side so that the operator can cook different types of food at the same time.

C.Planetary Stir Frying Machine

This large cooking machine is placed on the ground and mixes the food in the barrel by the double rotation of the upper rotating arm and the pan. If the drum mixing cooking machine is suitable for stir-frying dishes, the planetary cooking machine is more suitable for making stews, stir-fries, sauces and fillings. If the drum mixing cooking machine is suitable for stir-frying dishes, the planetary cooking machine is more suitable for making stews, stir-frying sauces and fillings.

3.The best cooking machine in 2024

A.Best Rotating Pot Cooking Machine

china commercial intelligent automatic electric stir fry cooking machine CM-TBS30

CM-TBS30 Commercial Tabletop Stir-fry Machine 220V/5KW

This stir frying machine eliminates the manual stir fry process and is perfect for small restaurants making a variety of stir fries, fried rice and sauces. The stainless steel lid on top stops grease from splashing and also keeps dust out to ensure food safety.

      Size: 380*510*200+200/450 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: iron


         •  Single cooking capacity 0.2-1.5KG

         •  Non-stick coating design, food and woks will not stick together

         • Overall stainless steel material is strong and durable, not easy to corrosion

         • Knob and button operation panel with clear display, free to adjust multiple temperature and speed

         • Evenly stirring food at the bottom and edges

         • With stainless steel lid

         • 8 sets of memory function

B.Best Drum Mixing Cooking Machine

commercial drum cooking machine

CM-TGD36-9 Commercial Full Automatic Heating Cooking Machine 380V/9KW

This commercial cooking machine is popular with most small restaurants. Tilted at 30°, it uses induction heating in the bottom and around the wok at the same time. It has the advantage of rapid heating, even heating, the ability to edit 8 memory menus, and automatically pours food into the wok at the end of cooking.

      Size: 690*600*710mm(W x H x D)


         •  12L capacity, can cook 1-5KG at a time

         •  German Schneider high quality control module

         •  Coated surface to reduce the probability of sticking and the need for oil

         •  Automatically flip and pour out food

         •  Equipped with high-pressure water gun for easy cleaning

         •  360° rotating drum ensures even frying

         •  Infrared real-time temperature measurement

CM-TGQ36J-9-CP Automatic Intelligent Tabletop Cooking Machine 380V/9KW

This device uses smart touch screen controls to precisely control every detail of cooking. It is compact in size and sits smoothly on the countertop using a stable base. Its stirring teeth mimic a manual stir-fry, heating food evenly in all directions and improving the taste of dishes.

      Size: 720*600*710 mm (W x H x D)

      Wok material: coated 443# stainless steel


         •  Intelligent voice announces in real time to understand cooking status

         •  Dual zone heating in the body and bottom of the pan to shorten frying time

         •  Multi-function touch screen

         •  Up to 800 recipes can be edited and stored

         •  304# stainless steel housing for durability

         •  Anti-stick coating reduces the chance of sticking and increases the quality of dishes

commercial drum cooking machine Desktop Intelligent Electric Cooking Machine CM-TGQ30

CM-TGQ30 Commercial Touchscreen Cooking Machine 220V/5KW

This cooking machine is suitable for 5-12 people, it is equipped with 9 “touch screen display.This unit is more automatic with automatic spray seasoning design, time and quantity can be precisely specified, quick and easy to fry all kinds of food, to ensure the high quality of dishes.

      Size: 750*720*700 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: coated 443# stainless steel


         •  Automatic quantitative spraying of 3 liquid seasonings

         •  5L capacity, single cooking 3.5KG

         •  Emergency stop function to protect safety

         •  One-touch automatic cleaning with water gun assisted rinsing

         •  Non-corrosive 3 layers of thickened stainless steel

         •  Real-time voice broadcast to understand the cooking progress

electric commercial kitchen cooking machine CM-TGQ30T-CPPLTL

CM-TGQ30T Commercial Desktop Touchscreen Cooking Machine 220V/5KW

What sets this unit apart is the ability to automatically dispense a quantitative amount of solid and liquid seasonings and edit up to 800 menus, each of which can be subdivided into different stages to meet the standardization and high quality requirements of commercial kitchens.

      Size: 750*720*800 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: coated 443# stainless steel


         •  Single cooking 6KG, can serve 10-25 people

         •  2 large and 2 small 4 solid seasoning dispensers in total

         •  Automatic spraying of 4 kinds of liquid seasoning

         •  Equipped with a catcher and strainer for easy use

         •  9″ multi-function touch screen for clear display and easy operation

         •  Anti-stick coating to reduce the need for oil

         •  One-touch automatic cleaning

         •  With emergency stop function to protect safe operation

cooking machine

CM-GB60-CPDD Commercial Electromagnetic Cooking Machine 380V/20KW

This commercial cooking machine has a large capacity of 40L, which can cook 10-20KG of food in 5-10 minutes and can support 80-120 people. It uses infrared temperature measurement to precisely control cooking temperature and spraying seasoning, saving a lot of time and labor cost for medium-sized canteens and hotels.

      Size: 1400*1020/1320*1300/1650 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: 430# cast iron pan (optional non-stick pan available)


         •  Automatic dumping of finished cooking dishes

         •  9 levels of heat adjustment

         •  Automatic cleaning and high-pressure water jet assisted cleaning

         •  With emergency stop function to ensure the safety of use

         •  Stirring teeth to simulate manual operation

         •  13″ touch screen with clear display

         •  800 recipes can be edited and memorized

         •  Real-time voice announcement

multifunctional automatic stirring wok CM-GQ70-CPPL

CM-GQ70-CPPL Electric Commercial Kitchen Stir Frying Machine 380V/25KW

This equipment is popular for the automatic swing arm dosing spices, these features make the internal food more evenly heated, and at the same time, the dishes can be standardized in taste by dosing spices at the same time. It can quickly cook 15-30KG of food, and the individual cooking cycle is only 8-12min.

      Size: 1100*1220+460*1350/1750 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: 430# cast iron pan (optional non-stick pan available)


         •  50L large capacity

         •  13″ multi-functional intelligent touch screen

         •  Automatic swing arm spraying 3 kinds of seasoning

         •  Equipped with easy to lift clean stainless steel strainer

         •  High pressure water gun assisted automatic cleaning to ensure                           hygiene

         •  Stainless steel support feet can be adjusted for height

cooking machine

CM-15KW-ZXCA Commercial Floor Cooking Machine 380V/15KW

This vertical stir frying machine makes the space underneath into a storage cabinet to store spices and other kitchen supplies. Compared with other devices, it can precisely put in more types of liquid spices and solid spices, giving more possibilities to season dishes.

      Size: 1000*850*800/1400 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: Cast iron/SUS409 stainless steel


         •  Capacity 16-30L, single cooking 3-10KG

         •  9″ multi-functional intelligent touch screen with clear display

         •  Stainless steel structure is strong and durable, not easy to wear

         •  Electromagnetic heating panel for fast heating and precise                                   temperature control

         •  Spray 6-8 kinds of liquid seasoning, put 4 kinds of solid seasoning,                     flavor variety

         •  Adjustable stainless steel support feet support free height                                   adjustment

C.Best Planetary Stir Frying Machine

automatic cooking machine robot

CM-100-ZDJB-CPDD Vertical Stir Fryer Machine 380V/30KW

This planetary stir frying machine has powerful productivity, enough to cope with the needs of large canteens, hotels and food processing plants. It has a capacity of 265L and can fry 20-50KG dishes or stew 100-200KG food in a single operation.

      Size: 1810*1400*2000mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: composite 304 stainless steel


         •  Multi-functional touch screen can display the type of fault,                                   conducive to quick maintenance

         •  With emergency stop function to protect safety

         •  Planetary stirring evenly without dead ends

         •  Electromagnetic fast heating to 280 ℃ cooking temperature

         •  One key automatic cleaning with high-pressure water gun to assist                     cleaning

         •  9 levels of precise temperature adjustment

         •  Free customization and storage of 800 recipes

commercial drum cooking machine

CM-120ZDJB-CPPL Multifunctional Stir Fryer Machine 380V/50KW

This commercial cooking machine has a larger capacity and is suitable for food processing plants and central kitchens to mix large quantities of finished or semi-finished dishes, fillings and sauces, with a large capacity of 200-400 KG to cope with all demands. The machine can be equipped with optional intelligent full automation function, which makes the cooking process easier and more efficient.

      Size: 2020*1600*2000 mm(W x H x D)

      Wok material: composite 304 stainless steel


         •  Double heating of the bottom and body of the pot, food is heated                       evenly

         •  480L large capacity drum

         •  Can accurately set the time and quantity of seasoning put

         •  Intelligent voice broadcast in real time to understand the cooking                       progress

         •  13″ touch screen can edit 800 recipes

         •  Infrared temperature measurement accurately adjusts 9                                       temperature levels

The best commercial cooking machine

4. Summary

A proper commercial cooking machine can be very convenient for your kitchen, but first you have to determine if you really need one in your restaurant kitchen, because it has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The easiest way to tell is that if you need to fry rice, pasta, vegetables and meat, expand your take-out business, or fry fillings and sauces, then a cooking machine can help the kitchen to do the job easily, while the variety and sophistication of fine cuisine is difficult to create with a cooking machine.

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