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Lò Nướng Bánh Mì 2 Tầng Lò Nướng Đối Lưu Nướng Điện CM-204D

Make baked goods with ease with this 2 deck bread convection oven that heats evenly in automatic rotation, improving the quality and yield of your products!

This oven is capable of accommodating 2 standard baking trays per layer, and the split design allows the temperature of each layer to be independently adjusted between 0-400°C. The over-temperature automatically stops the heat supply to protect safety. The operator can use different temperatures to bake different products, food will not affect each other’s taste, improve efficiency, in less products can also use only one layer, saving energy.
The electric baking convection oven as a whole is made of thickened stainless steel and foam layer, the structure is stable and can be used for a long time in the kitchen. The mechanical panel has a simple structure and clear display, reducing the failure rate and simplifying operation. Visible glass window for real-time observation of dough maturity.

lò nướng điện để nướng
Oven handle
Xây dựng bằng thép không gỉ
Made of durable stainless steel, the 2 deck bread convection oven of each chamber is constructed of food-grade stainless steel to resist harsh commercial environments while not corroding and rusting, making it easy to maintain.
lò nướng điện để nướng
Split design
The 2-tier split design allows each tier to be independently adjusted for temperature and timing, so you can bake different foods at different temperatures and their odors won't interfere with each other.
Oven Control Panel
Mechanical panel
The traditional mechanical panel has a simple structure, clear display, low failure rate, easy maintenance, and can precisely adjust the temperature in the range of 0-400℃ and timing in the range of 0-99min.
Window design
Thermal insulation design
The thickened foam layer and high temperature resistant seal are closely combined to provide reliable thermal protection for the machine and save energy in the case of sealing and heat insulation.
Bánh xe hơi phổ thông thương mại
bánh xe vạn năng
Casters provide strong load-bearing capacity and stable support for the equipment, so you can easily move this 2 deck bread convection oven, shift its position or clean the floor.
Lò Nướng Bánh Mì 2 Tầng Lò Nướng Đối Lưu Nướng Điện CM-204D



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lò nướng điện để nướng
Lò Nướng Bánh Mì 2 Tầng Lò Nướng Đối Lưu Nướng Điện CM-204D



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