Commercial Gas Pressure Fryer CM-MDXZ-25 KFC Chicken Pressure Fryer 25L


This Commercial Gas Pressure Fryer uses low-temperature, high-pressure frying to effectively reduce the absorption of excess oil, thus ensuring the best taste of crispy and non-greasy chicken. In addition, the pressure sealing technology minimizes air exposure, thereby extending the service life of cooking oil and ensuring economical, efficient and sustainable operation.

It is an excellent choice for fast food restaurants or other places that need to make fried foods. The unique combustion system, including cross-fire burners and gas valves that automatically adjust the fire power, ensures that the gas is completely burned and more evenly to ensure the best product.

Mô tả

This commercial gas pressure fryer is specially designed for cooking whole chickens, reducing excess oil absorption for healthier, crispy, and juicy results!

Thông tin bổ sung



Công suất


Rated voltage

220V / 50Hz

Temp. Range

Room Temp.-200℃

Bảng điều khiển

Mechanical panel

Tiêu thụ khí đốt

Natural gas: 1260L/h, liquefied gas: 504L/h

Vật liệu máy rủa

Thép không gỉ 304



Package Size(WxDxH)