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Hood Dishwasher CM-PDX-1001A-1 Dishwashing Machine with Touch Screen

Save a lot of energy and improve cleaning efficiency with this heat-recovery capable hood dishwasher!

Yang hood dishwasher can clean 50 standard racks of dishes in one hour, which is a significant improvement in cleaning efficiency, and can run for a long time in your commercial kitchen.

The touch screen panel display is clear and easy to operate, supporting adjustable cleaning cycles and displaying fault codes. Ultraviolet lamps are installed in the cleaning area, with high temperature and ultraviolet light disinfection at the same time, making it safer and more hygienic.

The dishwashing machine with touch screen is also equipped with a heat recovery tank, which will save 30~40% of energy for low power machines (5~9kW) through the new design of reusing warm water from a large tank. With the same cleaning effect, it can save more than 50% of electricity compared with ordinary hood type dishwasher.

hood dishwasher with touch screen
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Heat recovery design
The hood dishwasher has a heat recovery function, where the hot wastewater from cleaning flows through the cold water tank to heat the new incoming water, reducing heating time and saving a lot of energy.
Dishwasher spraying arm
S-shaped spray bar
The S-shaped cleaning spray bar makes the water spray wider and removes grease and dirt quickly for dead-end cleaning. The high temperature effectively inhibits bacteria reproduction and maintains dish hygiene.
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Lift the lid upward to insert and remove the rack, and the handle is ergonomic. The circular window on the lid allows the operator to observe the dishwashing process and keep track of the cleaning situation.
One-piece press molded sink
Seamless sink
The 304 stainless steel one-piece stamped sink has no welded joints, effectively preventing water erosion and leakage, extending the life of the equipment and allowing for easy cleaning at the end of business.
Stainless steel heating tubes
3 stainless steel heating tubes ensure sufficient hot water supply and support long time continuous use. The heating tubes are capable of heating the water temperature to 85-95°C to achieve disinfection.
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Hood Dishwasher CM-PDX-1001A-1 Dishwashing Machine with Touch Screen



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hood dishwasher with touch screen
Hood Dishwasher CM-PDX-1001A-1 Dishwashing Machine with Touch Screen



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