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Floor Commercial Electric Charcoal Grill CM-EB-889 Gas Lava Rock dengan Kabinet

Use this floor commercial electric charcoal grill to quickly make a variety of foods with grill marks, and it is equipped with two cabinets to store various ingredients!

This gas lava rock with cabinet can precisely control the temperature to ensure that the food is delicious and nutritious. It can quickly heat up to a certain temperature, allowing your food to be served quickly, and is a good helper to improve your kitchen efficiency. In addition, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, and can withstand the harsh environment in commercial kitchens. The heat pipe is a U-shaped design, which can make the heat of the cast iron more uniform to ensure the best cooking effect. Equipped with a detachable scum tray, which can collect excess grease or other food residues to ensure that it will not affect your cooking work, and the detachable design is just convenient for cleaning and use.

There are two large-capacity cabinets at the bottom of the floor commercial electric charcoal grill, which you can use to store some ingredients or other food, which adds great convenience to you. The cast iron grill will leave your food with tempting grill marks, you can use it to grill all kinds of meat skewers, lamb chops, vegetables, chicken wings, squid, etc. It is a great choice for various restaurants!

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Floor Commercial Electric Charcoal Grill CM-EB-889 Gas Lava Rock dengan Kabinet



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