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Single Burner Dim Sum Steamer CM-DSS-1BT Commercial Style Kitchen Stove 40KW

This single burner dim sum steamer has a powerful fire to help you increase efficiency by reducing the time it takes to steam your food!

This gas ranges is suitable for steaming steamed buns, buns, dumplings and other pasta and some pastries, and the rotating tap makes it easy to refill water during use. The sturdy stainless steel construction is durable and the shell is made of stainless steel with one-piece stamping, no welding points, not easy to get water and rust, and the surface is smooth and easy to clean. The collection tray that can be pushed, pulled and removed is convenient for dumping water, oil and residue after you finish cooking.
In terms of safety, equipped with high-precision sensors that can sense abnormal flame out and automatically stop the gas supply.

comemrcial Bread Steamer CM-DSS-1BT
commercial gas steamer stainless steel structure
Construction en acier inoxydable
One-piece stamping and forming stainless steel panel without welding points, not easy to get water or rust, solid structure so that can be used for a long time.
cuiseur vapeur professionnel Construction en acier inoxydable
Filtrage des résidus
This commercial style kitchen stove filters fine debris to prevent clogging and also drains water, making it very easy to clean and making your maintenance easier.
Commercial kitchen Steamers control plate CM-DSS-1BT
Panneau facile à utiliser
Very easy to operate knob switch, even the novice can easily cook delicious dishes, the panel is smooth and easy to clean, you can just wipe a new look.
Chinese Gas Steamer Faucet CM-DSS-1BT
Robinet réglable
The stainless steel faucet rotates 180°, making it easy for the operator to refill the single burner dim sum steamer with water while cooking.
Single Burner Dim Sum Steamer CM-DSS-1BT Commercial Style Kitchen Stove 40KW



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comemrcial Bread Steamer CM-DSS-1BT
Single Burner Dim Sum Steamer CM-DSS-1BT Commercial Style Kitchen Stove 40KW



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