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Máquina automática para cocinar comida china CM-G36DA-TCG-S Stir Fryer Cook Robot 15L

This automatic Chinese food cooking machine is rugged and structurally stable for long-term, high-intensity use in commercial kitchens!

El automatic Chinese food cooking machine comes with a work table where you can use the lifting handle to dump your finished dishes on a plate above the table. The overall housing is made of 201 stainless steel to resist corrosion from oil and water in commercial kitchens, while giving the unit a stable overall structure.

The unit’s 6-inch stainless steel adjustable feet support free height adjustment to suit the operator’s needs. They can also be placed side-by-side so that your chef can easily operate three units, saving approximately 60% in labor costs. The machine uses induction heating for lower energy consumption, and the 5KW power supports frying ingredients in 3-5 minutes.

The temperature control of this stir fryer cook robot is stable and the taste of the dishes produced is standardized, which is suitable for canteens and chain restaurants to ensure that the taste agrees. Easy to operate, easy to clean, it is the best choice for your restaurant.

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Easy to operate magnetic toggle
Panel de operaciones sencillo
The machine's mechanical operation panel consists of a knob and a magnetic toggle, making it very easy to operate. You can use the knob to adjust the speed of the pan and the toggle bar to adjust the 5 temperature levels.
fabricante de máquinas de cocción automática dientes agitadores
Agitación giratoria de 360 °
The internal stirring teeth are able to stir the ingredients as the pan rotates, simulating manual stir-frying and ensuring even heating throughout the cooking process for better tasting dishes.
Olla de máquina de cocina electromagnética inteligente de escritorio
Energy saving
The automatic Chinese food cooking machine heats the wok and the bottom of the wok at the same time, and the induction heating response is fast, consuming less energy, and the energy utilization efficiency can reach more than 90%.
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Work table and lifting handle
The non-slip lifting handle supports easy dumping of dishes in the tray above the worktop at the end of cooking, and the ergonomic structure brings the operator a more relaxed experience.
Patas de apoyo regulables
The 6-inch stainless steel support legs allow the equipment to stand smoothly on the floor and not move during use. At the same time can be freely adjusted to adapt to different height requirements.
Parrilla de mostrador comercial pies ajustables de acero inoxidable
Máquina automática para cocinar comida china CM-G36DA-TCG-S Stir Fryer Cook Robot 15L



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El Modelo No


Tamaño de la máquina (An. x Pr. x Al.)








Tamaño del wok


Space occupied




Package Size(W x D x H)


Housing material

201#stainless steel

Wok material

Stainless steel/Non-stick coating/Iron



Modo de control

Knob + magnetic switch

Fire Adjustment

5 speeds

Dumping method


Washing water gun

Método salteado

Automatic adjustment rolling frying

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Máquina automática para cocinar comida china CM-G36DA-TCG-S Stir Fryer Cook Robot 15L



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