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What Equipment is Needed for Fried Chicken Business?

Post on 15/04/2024

In the dynamic world of fast food, fried chicken stands as an enduring favorite, captivating palates worldwide. For those eager to dive into this thriving industry, understanding the requisite fried chicken equipment  is paramount. In this detailed guide, we’ll delve into the fast food landscape, exploring its growth, and furnish you with a comprehensive equipment checklist for launching your very own fried chicken restaurant. 

Table des matières

1. What is the trend in fast food industry?

L' fast food restaurant industry continues to flourish, marked by robust growth and evolving consumer preferences. Let’s delve into some intriguing data: With over 200,000 fast-food establishments in the United States alone, the industry boasts a staggering market size exceeding $331.41 billion as of 2022. Globally, indicates a market value of $907 billion by 2023, underscoring its widespread appeal and profitability. Amidst this upward trajectory, fried chicken remains a beloved choice, with approximately 50 million Americans indulging in it daily. These statistics underscore the immense potential for expansion within the fast food sector.

More food trends for 2024:

2. Equipment needed to launch a fried chicken restaurant

Are you energized by these remarkable industry insights? If so, let’s explore the essential equipment required to kickstart your fast food venture. From cooking and food processing to refrigeration and front-of-house necessities, each facet plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational efficiency, culinary excellence, and customer satisfaction.

A. Cooking Equipment

Friteuses professionnelles

L' depp fryer is the cornerstone of any quick-service kitchen, and more than 90% of fried chicken dishes can be prepared with this equipment. Such as crispy chicken, chips, nachos and other fried delights. There are many types of friteuses professionnelles to choose from, including electric fryers, gas fryers, and pressure fryers.

Gas Fryers: Known for their rapid heating capabilities, gas fryers are favored by many chefs for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They are great for high-volume frying and can handle heavy-duty use.


Electric fryers: Electric fryers are easy to use and maintain, making them ideal for small businesses or those with limited ventilation. They provide precise temperature control and are suitable for delicate foods such as fish or vegetables.

Pressure Fryer: Typically used for frying chicken, commercial pressure fryers are great for achieving that signature crispy exterior while keeping the interior juicy and tender. They work by cooking food under pressure, resulting in shorter cooking times and enhanced flavor retention.

Fryer purchasing tips:

Energy efficiency, space and size, and recovery time are key factors when purchasing a fryer. You can view more detailed commercial deep fryer buying guide.

Commercial griddle

A dependable griddle is indispensable for cooking an array of menu items, from succulent burgers to fluffy pancakes. Available in electric and gas variants, professional flat top griddle feature expansive cooking surfaces that ensure uniform heat distribution and consistent results, making them an indispensable asset for any kitchen.

Electric griddle: Electric griddles are popular for their versatility and ease of use. They can be used even in environments without ventilation systems, such as supermarkets and shopping malls, where they often provide precise temperature control, allowing for more delicate cooking tasks. Additionally, electric griddles have a smoother cooking surface, making them easier to clean.


Gas griddles: Favored for their ability to heat quickly and maintain consistent temperatures, making them ideal for large batch cooking. They are also suitable for outdoor use, such as at food trucks or catering events where power may be limited.

Griddle Buying guide:

B. Food Processing Equipment

Hachoir à viande commercial 

Achieve unparalleled quality by freshly grinding meat for your signature dishes. Professional hachoir à viande expedite the breakdown of beef, pork, and other meats, facilitating efficient food preparation and culinary excellence.

Vacuum tumbler marinator

Elevate your flavors with efficiently marinated meats, enhancing production speed while ensuring optimal taste and tenderness.

Hamburger Presses

For establishments offering fresh chicken and burger patties, a hamburger press streamlines production, delivering uniform patties with minimal effort, ensuring consistency in size and shape.

Chicken breading station

Achieve the perfect coating for your fried chicken with a dedicated breading station, ensuring optimal flavor and texture with every bite.

C. Refrigeration and Warming equipment

Réfrigérateur: Maintaining freshness and ensuring proper storage of ingredients and prepared foods is critical to food safety and quality. There are many types to choose from, including reach in refrigerator, glass door refrigerator, and undercounter refrigerator and more.


Warming equipment: The fry dump station can keep your french fries at the optimal serving temperature, ensuring that the French fries are crispy and ready to eat, making the french fries look more attractive. You can also use a food warming cabinet to ensure the optimal temperature for fried chicken and other foods.

Refrigeration and Warming equipment

D. Beverage Station

Within the beverage station, a high-speed ice machine ensures a continuous supply of refreshing ice cubes, perfect for crafting iced coffees and drinks. Beverage machines offer a diverse selection of flavorful options, while dedicated coffee machines brew delicious and aromatic coffee to perfection. This seamless integration of equipment ensures a delightful and satisfying experience for our customers.

E. Ventilation System

Ensure kitchen safety and functionality with a commercial kitchen hoods, eliminating grease-laden vapors and maintaining a clean, hazard-free environment conducive to culinary excellence.


After the detailed explanation above, you now have a clear understanding of the essential equipment required to launch a successful fried chicken restaurant. The right equipment is undeniably crucial for the success of any establishment in this competitive industry. With meticulous selection and diligent maintenance, your restaurant is poised to thrive amidst fierce competition.

Whether you’re upgrading existing equipment or embarking on the journey of opening a new fried chicken restaurant, Chefmax is here to offer professional guidance. With a wealth of études de cas at our disposal, we can provide valuable insights tailored to your needs. Contact us today to kickstart your path to profitability!

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What equipment is needed for fried chicken business
What Equipment is Needed for Fried Chicken Business?
Let's delve into the fast food industry, and furnish you with a full equipment checklist for launching your very own fried chicken restaurant.

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