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Chefmax Successfully Participated in the 134th Canton Fair!

Post on 30/10/2023

At the 134th Canton Fair, Chefmax showcased new products and technologies to the world. We engaged in discussions with buyers from various countries and explored emerging trends in China's manufacturing industry.

Chefmax proudly announces its successful participation in the 134th Canton Fair, a momentous achievement. As a professional commercial kitchen equipment company, Chefmax is honored to showcase our premier products and services while engaging in in-depth discussions and collaborations with over 1000 buyers from around the world during this five-day event.

The Canton Fair has always been a focal point in the industry, driving the prosperity and growth of international trade. With a history dating back to 1957, it gathers tens of thousands of buyers and suppliers from all corners of the globe in Guangzhou each spring and autumn. This grand gathering has gradually evolved into the largest comprehensive trade exhibition globally.

Employee Group Photo
Chefmax's Attractive Canton Fair Booths

The Canton Fair of this year was unprecedented in scale compared to last year. In the recently concluded first phase, it gathered over 10,000 offline exhibitors and attracted more than 100,000 offline buyers from more than 190 countries and regions worldwide, creating a spectacular trade panorama. Chefmax’s participation in Phase 1 of the fair focuses on advanced manufacturing, showcasing industries such as consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, vehicles and two-wheelers, lighting, and electrical products. It represents the cutting-edge trends in China’s manufacturing industry today.

Chefmax has successfully participated in the Canton Fair multiple times, using it as a platform to showcase our products and technologies. Passing the rigorous and impartial review process is a significant honor and the best recognition of our years of hard work and expertise.

From the products and services exhibited during Phase 1, it is evident that Chinese companies are increasingly emphasizing product design and innovation. Chefmax has brought a range of new products and patented designs, including the latest dishwasher patent technology that significantly improves efficiency and energy savings. Furthermore, Chefmax’s new equipment, such as automatic noodle machine and bingsu machine, has gained popularity due to their user-friendly and highly efficient operation with minimal technical barriers.

At the Canton Fair venue, we felt the attention and recognition from buyers worldwide. Their strong interest in our products and technology was truly inspiring. This further fuels our passion for innovation, and we will continue to strive to provide high-quality products and excellent services tailored to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

Chefmax's attention-grabbing booth!
Staff explaining the equipment to visitors
Staff at the booth
Group photo of Chefmax with buyers from all over the world

The grandeur of the Canton Fair vividly demonstrates China’s dominant influence in manufacturing. It is a reflection of the transformation and high-quality development of the “world’s factory.” As the focal point of this year, the “Belt and Road” initiative embodies the spirit of openness and exchange, highlighting China’s commitment to greater international cooperation. As a part of open and advanced Chinese manufacturing, Chefmax is well aware of the significant responsibility it bears. We are committed to making continuous efforts and breakthroughs, contributing to the prosperity of China’s manufacturing industry.

Chefmax will persist in pursuing excellence and actively engaging in the openness and development of China’s manufacturing industry. We eagerly look forward to exploring business opportunities with you and together shaping a brilliant future. In the realm of one-stop commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen layout design services, Chefmax is ready to be your trusted partner in co-creating a brighter tomorrow.

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