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Commercial Gas Pressure Fryer CM-MDXZ-25 KFC Chicken Pressure Fryer 25L

This commercial gas pressure fryer is specially designed for cooking whole chickens, reducing excess oil absorption for healthier, crispy, and juicy results!

This Commercial Gas Pressure Fryer uses low-temperature, high-pressure frying to effectively reduce the absorption of excess oil, thus ensuring the best taste of crispy and non-greasy chicken. In addition, the pressure sealing technology minimizes air exposure, thereby extending the service life of cooking oil and ensuring economical, efficient and sustainable operation.

It is an excellent choice for fast food restaurants or other places that need to make fried foods. The unique combustion system, including cross-fire burners and gas valves that automatically adjust the fire power, ensures that the gas is completely burned and more evenly to ensure the best product.

chicken pressure fryer commercial gas
pressure fryer commercial control plate
Mechanical Knob Panel
Featuring a simple operation panel, you can easily adjust the temperature to meet the specific requirements of your food. The temperature range is adjustable between room temperature and 200℃, and the timer can be set for up to 30 minutes, ensuring precise cooking control.
pressure fryer for chicken
Cross Screw
This innovative design effectively locks in pressure and prevents air leakage. The sturdy buckle withstands high pressure, and the secure pressure relief cover ensures the operator's safety during use.
chicken express pressure fryer
New Round 304 Heating Tube
The round heating tube in this pressure fryer boasts high thermal efficiency, a long service life, rapid heating, and even heat distribution. Its thermal energy utilization surpasses that of ordinary heat return tubes, offering stable and safe performance.
pressure fryer commercial gas
Curved 304 Pot Design
The commercial gas pressure fryer features an arc inner cylinder design that maximizes heat exchange, ensuring rapid temperature recovery and consistent food quality.
chicken pressure fryer commercial gas
High-Quality Multi-Group Fire Grate
Utilizing a high-quality multi-group fire grate, this commercial gas pressure fryer enables instant gas ignition, with low energy consumption and high efficiency. It heats quickly and can be easily controlled, even during the busiest kitchen operations.



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Rated voltage


Temp. Range

Room Temp.-200℃

Панель управления

Механическая панель

Расход газа

Natural gas: 1260L/h, liquefied gas: 504L/h


нержавеющая сталь 304

Масса нетто


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Количество (Штук) 1-30 >30
Est. Время (дни) 1-7дней 30 дней

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Подгонянный логотип MOQ: 1 Комплект

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chicken pressure fryer commercial gas
Commercial Gas Pressure Fryer CM-MDXZ-25 KFC Chicken Pressure Fryer 25L



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