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The 13 Best Commercial Refrigerators in 2024

The proper commercial refrigerators provides a good start to your kitchen, because your kitchen needs some equipment to keep vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. fresh before you start all the food preparation or cooking.

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What types of commercial refrigerators are there?

1. Reach-in Refrigerator and Freezer

The most common commercial refrigerators in all types of commercial scenarios will be found in almost every kitchen. They are vertical units that are usually placed against a wall. Most importantly – as its name implies – it puts ingredients within reach and employees can quickly reach the ingredients stored in it. So in larger kitchens, owners tend to choose multiple small and medium-sized units for each corner of the kitchen, rather than one oversized unit for all storage needs. Ensuring the best quality of storage and making food available to staff in the shortest possible time is why people are so keen to use reach-in refrigerators and freezers.

Reach-in refrigerator and freezer is a large range which contains many different types of cabinets, you can see refrigerated cabinets, freezers, mixed refrigerated and frozen cabinets on the market. Depending on the type of door, there are solid doors with excellent sealing and insulation, as well as glass doors for added visibility. If you want to explore different storage options, there are also cabinets with tiered shelves or stainless steel trays to choose from.

Top Mounted Half Door Reach-In Refrigerator CM-LF150C4D2-P

2. Blast Chiller

Blast chiller is not used for daily storage, it is used to prepare frozen products for long term storage.

Blast chiller will drop the internal temperature to -45℃ to -80℃ in a very short time, quickly freeze meat, pastry, dough and ice cream, etc., to ensure that bacteria will not multiply under the extreme temperature, and then these foods will be placed into the ordinary freezer to obtain a longer shelf life than directly into.

commercial polar blast chiller

3. Walk in Refrigerator and Freezer

A large freezer or refrigerated warehouse that allows access, the most important feature compared to other types of freezers is its capacity, which is larger than the average freezer. For larger walk-in coolers, it can even be the size of a room. The compartment of a cold chain transport truck is also included. This type of commercial cooler is suitable for wholesale vegetable and fruit and meat merchants and food processing plants. For larger restaurants, a smaller walk in refrigerator and freezer is also sufficient to meet all the needs of daily operations and maintain the freshness of all ingredients, juices and condiments.

4. Bar Refrigerator

Designed for the bar or restaurant water bar, used to display and refrigerate all kinds of drinks and beverages. Their appearance is usually black or silver stainless steel or vinyl. Because they need to be placed where customers can see them for display, they are generally more stylish than kitchen coolers and will definitely use glass doors and LED lighting to allow customers to visually see the beautiful bottles inside.

Generally, bar coolers will have automatic defogging programs or glass that is less prone to fogging, otherwise once fogged, the display will be greatly affected.

Commercial Glass Doors Bar Coolers

5. Selling and Displaying Refrigeration

This type of commercial refrigerator is mostly placed in supermarkets and grocery stores, they are more concerned with storage capacity and display, customers do not have to open the refrigerator can be purchased in the wide range of goods. It has two types: vertical and horizontal. The vertical type is similar to a glass door refrigerator, while the horizontal type is made with a curved glass door that can be pushed and pulled at the top, so that customers can easily select and take out items.

Stainless Steel Glass Door Reach-In Refrigerator CM-A185WB

6. Refrigerated Prep Table

Refrigerated Prep Table not only provides space for refrigerated storage, but also provides a work surface, such as pizza and sandwich refrigerated table, salad refrigerated table, they will provide multiple refrigerated portion trays and stainless steel platform on top for kneading, adding toppings and combining food.

commercial countertop glass freezer CM-SL1365C3-GL

2024 What are the best commercial refrigerators/freezes?

1. Best Reach-in Refrigerator

CM-LF100C4 4 doors Refrigerator With Shelves 220V/430W

The reach-in commercial refrigerators uses cold air circulation to cool, keeping the internal refrigeration temperature between 0-5°C and less likely to frost, making it ideal for storing fresh leafy greens, light cream and other foods that are easily damaged in the freezer.

Material: stainless steel

Size: 1220*760*1980 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Provides large capacity storage of 900L

   •  The thickness of high-density foam layer is 60mm, and the density is 40±2kg/m³

   •  With automatic defrost function, no need for manual defrost

   •  Unique invisible handle design is ergonomic

   •  The design of the curved passport at the edge of the evaporator makes the energy exchange more efficient

   •  The device is CE certified

CM-LF050C2 Air-cooled 2-doors Refrigerator Unit 220V/390W

This two-door refrigerator features frost-resistant air-cooling technology and a separate design for both doors. It runs on 220v and is capable of delivering 390W of power output, with a capacity of 410L suitable for small restaurants to store food.

Material: stainless steel

Size: 620*760*1980 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Maintains room temperature at 0-5°C

   •  Pure copper refrigeration system and powerful compressor provide strong cooling capacity

   •  Automated frost after four hours of operation

   •  Environmentally friendly r134a refrigerant

   •  High quality 304 stainless steel material is strong and durable

   •  410L capacity and 40kg load capacity shelf design

   •  Internal LED light provides visibility

2. Best Reach-in Freeze

CM-LF100D4 4 Doors Air-cooled Frost-free Freezer 220V/820W

The stainless steel commercial refrigerators is CE certified and the internal freezing temperature is kept between -12-18°C. The air-cooling mode, which is not easy to frost, does not absorb moisture from the food and greatly improves the storage quality.

Material: 201 stainless steel

Size: 1220*760*1980 mm (W x D x H)


   •  900L large capacity, four doors independent design

   •  Air-cooling mode is not easy to frost

   •  60mm high-density foam layer for reliable thermal protection

   •  Pure copper refrigeration system for durability and low failure rate

   •  Intelligent temperature control system quickly replenishes cold air lost due to door opening

   •  Unique door frame design and sealing tape protects cool air from loss

   •  Heavy-duty mobile casters with brakes

   •  Digital operation panel with clear display

   •  LED lights provide good illumination and visibility

   •  Ergonomic design with invisible handle

CM-LF150D6-P Commercial 6 doors Air-cooled Freezers 1650W

This commercial freezer has a large capacity storage space and independent six-door design, only one door needs to be opened when taking items, reducing the loss of cold air and achieving the purpose of saving energy.

Material: 201 stainless steel

Size: 1820*760*2000 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Intelligent temperature control system to maintain the internal temperature at -18℃ to -22℃

   •  Easily removable and height-adjustable insert tray brings more flexible storage

   •  Thick stainless steel plates and high-density foam layers give the unit valuable thermal protection

   •  Heavy-duty casters support easy movement of the unit

   •  Air-cooled mode makes food less susceptible to moisture loss

   •  Prominent door frame with sealing tape makes the edge not condense water beads

3. Best Reach-in Refrigerator and Freezer

CM-LF150C4D2 Air-cooled Six-door Dual Temperature Freezer 950W

The large capacity commercial refrigerators can run on standard 220v without the need for a separate electrical cord. Four of the six doors are designed for refrigeration and two are designed for freezing, which brings more storage possibilities to the unit.

Material: 201 stainless steel

Size: 1820*800*1980 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Automatic defrosting program starts after four hours of operation, no need for manual defrosting

   •  Air-cooling mode makes food less likely to lose moisture and keep it fresh

   •  Refrigerating temperature is kept between 0-5℃ and freezing temperature is kept between -18℃ and -22℃.

   •  A total of 1500L of large storage space is available

   •  Equipped with multiple stainless steel shelves for flexible placement of items

   •  Easy to operate with a clear keypad display

   •  Internal LED lights turn on and off automatically when the door is opened and closed

   •  Durable and easy to maintain stainless steel material

4. Best Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerator and Freezer

CM-GN550TNG Glass Door Single Door Shelf Refrigerator 220V/390W

This device has a black exterior and a large glass door design, the door does not fog up, allowing the operator to clearly see where the items are placed inside.

Material: 201 stainless steel

Size: 700*820*2050mm (W x D x H)


   •  Internal refrigeration temperature is maintained between 0~10℃

   •  Thickened glass door and sealing tape design to obtain precious thermal protection

   •  Air-cooling technology makes the food does not lose moisture in the food, improve the quality of food storage

   •  Automated frost program is easy to operate

   •  Powerful positive energy and intelligent temperature control system can quickly restore the lost cold air because of the door opening

   •  550L capacity and 3 stainless steel shelves

   •  Simple operation panel

5. Best Blast Chiller

CM-E15 15 Stainless Steel Trays Blast Chiller With 15 Trays (-45℃) 220V/2700W

Offering 15 trays and a capacity of 548L, this commercial quick-freezer can quickly cool down to -49°C in ten minutes and is suitable for a variety of large bakeries, ice cream parlors or seafood markets.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Size: 800*870*2020 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Adopt environment-friendly R404a refrigerant

   •  Foaming layer is 75mm thick to achieve the best insulation effect

   •  Can quickly cool down to -49℃

   •  Automatic condensate evaporation device, no need to worry about drainage

   •  Temperature probe can accurately detect the internal temperature of food

   •  Sealing strip ensures tight closure and can be easily removed and cleaned

CM-SCE30T Trolley Freezer With 30 Trays (-80°C) 380V/9000W

This quick freezer needs to run on standard 380V and can provide 9KW of power. It is ideal for quick freezing of cakes, meats, ice creams and other foodstuffs with its simple operation panel, clear display and low failure rate.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Size: 670*820*1400 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Large capacity storage of 1300L

   •  Capable of reaching an ultra-low freezing temperature of -80°C

   •  Simple and intelligent touch screen operation

   •  30 food trays for easy installation and removal

   •  80mm eco-friendly foam layer improves temperature performance

   •  Soft freeze, hard freeze and super fast freeze three modes can be selected according to the type of food

   •  High precision temperature probe detects the center temperature of food

   •  Pure copper condenser tube with good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity

CM-E60T Large Blast Freezer with 60 Trays 9600W (-45°C) 380V/9600W

With a large storage space of 2680L and 60 trays, this commercial freezer can easily handle a large number of storage tasks that require freezing and is ideal for use in large bakeries, hotels and food processing plants to freeze food quickly. It freezes food in the shortest possible time and protects pasta and meat from bacterial growth.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Size: 2600*1100*2160 mm (W x D x H)


   •  304 high quality stainless steel and 75mm high density foam layer to protect the cold air from loss

   •  Automatic condensate evaporation setting

   •  Three freezing modes can be flexibly selected for different foods

   •  Temperature probe can detect the internal temperature of food to achieve deep freezing

   •  The trolley is designed with casters for easy movement

   •  Rubber strips ensure efficient sealing and easy disassembly and cleaning

6. Best Bar Refrigerator

CM-BF14C3 3 Door Air-cooled Refrigerators 220V/400w

This commercial cooler is perfect for operators of crowded bars. The beautiful color exterior and large glass door design provide reliable adaptability while staff can immediately find the drinks they need, and it is the perfect container for refrigerating a variety of drinks.

Material: stainless steel

Size: 1400*660*800 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Maintain the internal temperature between 4℃-8℃

   •  Adopt 134A high efficiency refrigerant

   •  Three glass doors provide excellent visibility

   •  Independent design of three doors effectively reduces the amount of cool air loss when opening the door

   •  Adopt narrow depth design to maximize space utilization

   •  Six adjustable shelves provide flexible storage, you can sort according to the degree of bottles

   •  Powerful fan and compressor, 360° circulation of cold air for fast cooling

7. Best Selling and Displaying Refrigeration

Glass top Deep Freezer CM-A210WB Selling and Displaying Refrigeration 220V/750W

The glass top commercial refrigerators with a capacity of up to 1000L is a very economical choice for large supermarkets to display and store all types of food. It operates on a standard voltage of 220v.

Material: stainless steel plus glass

Size: 2100*870*835 mm (W x D x H)


   •  Top glass door design provides optimal visibility

   •  Internal freezing temperature is maintained at -18℃ to -22℃

   •  Digital temperature controller loss clear and easy to operate

   •  Equipped with 20″ steel grid for easy sorting

   •  Automatic defrost function eliminates the need for manual labor

   •  Non-fogging glass door maintains visibility

8. Best Refrigerated Prep Table

CM-WF030C-6D Commercial 6 Drawers Refrigerator 1.5M/270W

This commercial freezer features an air-cooling mode with balanced cooling capacity to enhance the quality of food preservation. At the same time, the countertop design and stainless steel construction make it a reliable operator’s station, providing easy access for food preparation without taking up other space. It optimizes the location of the refrigeration system and provides more storage space for the equipment.

Material: stainless steel

Size: 1500*760*800 mm (W x D x H)


   •  6 easy-glide drawers and multiple dividers for increased storage flexibility

   •  Thick stainless steel and brushed finishes ensure sturdiness and beauty

   •  Air-cooling mode with automatic defrost ensures no loss of food moisture

   •  Internal thermostat accurately detects and maintains temperature

   •  6-inch support legs support free height adjustment

   •  Hidden handle ensures comfort

   •  Condensing unit can be disassembled for maintenance, easy to clean the dust mesh cover

CM-WF1800C3 Prep Refrigeration With 3 Doors 1.8M 220V/630W

This countertop prep freezer has 2 doors with multiple serving trays on top for various pizza toppings and a stainless steel lid that lifts to prevent cold air loss and dust entry. In addition, it has a spacious pizza preparation table.

Material: stainless steel

Size: 1200*760*800 mm (W x D x H)


   •  7 trays for multiple types of toppings

   •  60 mm high-density foam layer with excellent insulation

   •  Pure copper refrigeration tube is strong and durable with low failure rate

   •  Automatic defrost function always maintain the best cooling effect

   •  Liftable stainless steel top cover protects the cold air from loss

   •  Digital panel display is clear and easy to operate

   •  Stainless steel support feet support free height adjustment


In this article, we have introduced the 6 types of commercial refrigerators and the best ones of each type in 2024, you just need to make a general selection based on the type and capacity of your business, of course, they have many different looks and features, it looks very difficult to choose, but don’t worry, you have enough time to understand and we will provide more information to help you choose the right commercial cooler.

Thank you for your interest in our products