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Intelligent Stir Frying Machine CM-TGQ36J-CP Desktop Automatic Cooking Robot 9L

Save time and get meals out fast with this intelligent stir frying machine that benefits commercial kitchens!

The multifunctional touchscreen controls of the intelligent stir frying machine make it easy to control the details of your cooking, including the speed at which the wok rotates and the heating temperature. It is small enough to be placed on the countertop, saving you space in the kitchen.

Its stirring teeth mimic manual stir-frying, which heats the food evenly in all directions, improving the quality of the dish. The casing of the desktop automatic cooking robot is made of stainless steel, waterproof and oil-proof, and the non-stick pan is easy to clean.

Freestanding Automatic Stir-Fryer Wok Machine
desktop intelligent electromagnetic cooking machine pot
Double heating of the pot
The body and bottom of the wok are heated simultaneously to reach the stir-fry temperature faster, shortening the cooking time of ingredients and improving the efficiency of kitchen meals.
Intelligent Automatic Stir Fry Wok Cooking Machine panel
Intelligent touch screen
Multi-functional touch-mode display, simple and convenient one-touch operation, precise control of heating temperature and wok rotation to produce standardized dishes.
commercial automatic cooking machine manufacturer Stirring teeth
360° rotating and stirring
The pan of this intelligent stir frying machine can rotate 360°, and the stirring teeth in the pan simulate manual stir-frying, so that the ingredients are heated evenly and the quality of the dishes is improved.
cooking machine manufacturers
Anti-stick coating
The wok comes with its own coating, so it will not stick to the wok even if you put less oil in it, reducing the need for oil and kitchen fumes, improving the quality of dishes, and making it easy to clean, with a simple rinse to get it clean.
auto canteen cooking machine manufacturer Stainless Steel
Stainless steel body
The whole machine is made of stainless steel, durable and resistant to kitchen oil, while the surface is smooth and can be easily cleaned with just a rag.
canteen cooking machine CM-TGQ36J-9-CP
Save labor cost
The small size of the machine saves space and can be placed side-by-side. One person can watch and operate three machines at the same time, making it easy to prepare a large number of dishes.
Intelligent Stir Frying Machine CM-TGQ36J-CP Desktop Automatic Cooking Robot 9L



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Freestanding Automatic Stir-Fryer Wok Machine
Intelligent Stir Frying Machine CM-TGQ36J-CP Desktop Automatic Cooking Robot 9L



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