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Automatic Cooking Machine Robot CM-15KW-ZXCA Floor Cooking Machine 30L

With this automatic cooking machine robot, dishes can be prepared in large batches, heated quickly and evenly, saving labor costs and improving restaurant efficiency!

This automatic cooking machine robot has 15KW of power and uses planetary mixing to heat and mix ingredients evenly, as well as automatic spraying. You can use the touch screen to customize the menu to adjust the temperature and speed to suit different cooking needs.

The housing is made of stainless steel, dustproof and waterproof, with a smooth exterior that does not wear easily and is easy to clean, just wipe clean with a rag.

Adjustable stainless steel feet allow the floor cooking machine to sit smoothly on the floor and you can adjust the height.

commercial automatic intelligent cooking robot machine CM-15KW-ZXCA
Commercial Food Mixer Automatic Stir Frying Cooking Machine Restaurant pot
Dual heating
Simultaneous heating of the body and bottom of the wok to reach stir-fry temperature faster, saving time and improving the efficiency of meal preparation.
automatic cooking machine manufacturer Stirring teeth
Automatic seasoning spill
The automatic cooking machine robot has 3 inlets, which can automatically spray seasoning with precise dosage to standardize the taste of dishes.
automatic cooking machine supplier panel CM-15KW-ZXCA
Touch screen control
The digital screen display is clear, you can customize multiple menus through the touch screen, and real-time voice broadcast the cooking progress.
cooking machine recipes supplier Stirring CM-15KW-ZXCA
360° rotating stirring
The wok automatically rotates and the stirring teeth simulate manual stir-frying, so that the ingredients are heated evenly and the dishes have better flavor.
Adjustable stainless steel feet
The stainless steel feet allow the machine to be placed smoothly on the floor, with a strong load-bearing capacity, while also allowing you to adjust the height.
Ice machine with adjustable feet CM-350P
Automatic Cooking Machine Robot CM-15KW-ZXCA Floor Cooking Machine 30L



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commercial automatic intelligent cooking robot machine CM-15KW-ZXCA
Automatic Cooking Machine Robot CM-15KW-ZXCA Floor Cooking Machine 30L



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