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The 12 Best Commercial Gas Ranges in 2024

Commercial gas ranges are a central part of a kitchen and the open fire they provide is a huge help in cooking most foods. Using the best commercial gas range is essential to start your business.

But how do we pick the best gas range for our needs? The first step is to fully understand their types. This article will cover the types of commercial gas ranges, the 12 best commercial gas ranges in 2024 and the key points to pick them. We share these tips with you in the hope that it will help your business.

Table of Contents

What are the different types of commercial gas ranges?

There are many different types of commercial ranges that offer different ways of cooking (most importantly, of course, they all provide heat). We distinguish them by function and appearance.

commercial gas range 6 burner

1.Chinese Wok Stove

This commercial gas range is larger in size, and it has a large concave surface or hole in the countertop to accommodate a large size wok, designed to provide high heat for stir-fry or fried rice, making dishes taste better. It usually appears as a combination of large and small woks to achieve flexible usability.


   •  Powerful vertical flame

   •  Concave surface accommodates large woks, allowing more flame contact with the bottom of the wok

   •  Small tank with water

   •  Angle-adjustable faucet

   •  Blower system for full gas combustion

   •  Raised back plate

   •  Cooling water curtain helps to cool the machine

   •  Burner head with up to 3 rings

2.Commercial Stove

The commercial range is simple, consisting of several small burners side by side, and the space underneath is made into a storage cabinet to save space in the kitchen, or it may just be a shelf, so it is usually more economical. If the Chinese wok stove is suitable for large quantities of stir-fry or stewed food, the commercial stove is ideal for smaller cookware (usually iron or ceramic pots and pans) to prepare different foods for different customers.


   •  Several open burners side by side

   •  Space underneath the burners is used as storage or shelving

   •  Individual metal knob controls

   •  Most use natural gas or LPG as energy source

   •  Removable heavy-duty cast iron grates

   •  6″ adjustable stainless steel support legs

   •  Excellent price/performance ratio

3.Countertop Gas Stove

The commercial gas ranges appliance is small enough to fit on a countertop to save space in the kitchen and usually has one to four burners, each with individual knob controls. It is very versatile and suitable for making small quantities of different foods that need to be heated at different temperatures.


   •  Space-saving countertop style

   •  Non-slip support feet

   •  Each burner provides 30,000 – 50,000 BTU of heat

   •  Removable crumb tray

commercial kitchen ranges CM-GH-587

4.Commercial Range

This commercial range that combines other cooking types usually comes with a griddle on one side in addition to an open burner on top, and discards the under-counter storage space to make it into an oven, combining multiple cooking functions and saving kitchen space. This multifunctional combination oven is very widely used in commercial kitchens because it means that chefs can prepare dishes in different cooking styles at the same time, increasing the richness of the menu.


   •  Equipped with a griddle and oven that provide frying and baking functions

   •  Combine multiple cooking functions to increase efficiency and save kitchen space

   •  Each burner delivers 30,000 BTU per hour

   •  Easy push and pull grease tray

   •  6-inch adjustable support feet

   •  Oven temperature is freely adjustable from 250°F-550°F

commercial 6 burner gas range with grill and oven CM-HFSO-60-G24

5.Soup Stove

This type of commercial range is based on one or two burners and is made for making large quantities of soups, sauces or stews, with each burner providing powerful power.


   •  30KW heat output

   •  Heavy-duty cast iron grates support water-filled cookware

   •  Electronic ignition or manual ignition options

   •  Height-adjustable 6-inch support legs

   •  Flame out protection

   •  Grease tray for easy pushing, pulling and dumping

2 burner Stock Pot Ranges CM-HS-1D

6.Gas Steamer

It provides high-temperature steam by heating water to make noodles, buns, buns and dumplings, which are popular in Southeast Asia, as well as steaming meat and desserts.


   •  Multiple evenly spaced holes for releasing steam

   •  Provides more power than other types

   •  Filter plate filters out fine debris during drainage to prevent clogging

   •  Swivel 180° faucet for easy refilling

   •  Raised back plate protects walls from cleaning

   •  Support legs with free height adjustment

commercial bread Steamer CM-GS-K1-B

What are the best commercial gas ranges in 2024?

Chefmax proposes you the 12 gas ranges of 2022 with the widest applicability and the best value for money, all of them coming from our factories and undergoing rigorous quality tests, with safety and quality certifications.

1.Best Chinese Wok Stove

Single Burner Gas Wok Stove CM-1C1W-001

Restaurant Single Burner Gas Wok Stove CM-1C1W-001 30KW

This commercial range uses a larger concave surface to support the large size wok with one burner producing 30KW of heat per hour, perfect for Southeast Asian style restaurants using high heat for stir fry and fried rice.

      Material: 201 stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 1100*900*1150 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Affordable and cost effective

         •  Fan system helps gas burn fully

         •  A water tank and adjustable faucet for easy refilling

         •  Flame failure protection

         •  Heavy-duty cast iron grates provide good support for large                         cookware

         •  One-piece stamped, weld-free stainless steel housing resists                         rusting

         •  Raised back plate prevents grease and water splashing

         •  Adjustable 6″ stainless steel support feet

Commercial 2 Burner Gas Range CM-NW-2BC 30KW*2

Each burner of the commercial gas ranges is capable of delivering a large heat of 30KW. Two burners are able to cook different dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

      Material: 304 stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 1200*845*800+520 mm (W x D x H)


         •  180°adjustable faucet for both sides

         •  Stamped stainless steel housing for durability

         •  Easy to clean removable grease tray

         •  Easy-to-operate control valve

         •  Cooling water curtain to cool equipment surfaces

         •  Sensor flame out and cut off gas supply for safety

         •  Pure brass burners for better heat conductivity

         •  Convenient ignition gun for ignition

Double Burner Gas Stove with Two Sinks CM-215-22B 40KW*2

This large range offers unparalleled productivity. It has two 40KW open burners, two sinks and two small heaters. The raised stove top design provides stable support for large frying pans.

      Material: 304 stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 1100*1200*800+450 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Two 180° adjustable taps

         •  Blower system helps gas burn fully

         •  One-piece stamped stainless steel housing without welding points

         •  Cooling water curtain on the back panel helps to cool down

         •  High precision accidental flame failure protection

         •  Smoke venting ensures efficient hot air circulation

2.Best Commercial Stove

Asian Commercial 6 Burner Gas Range CM-BZL-S6 17KW*6

The commercial gas ranges has six burners with heavy-duty grates suitable for all types of cookware providing a total of 17KW*6 of high heat, enabling multiple cooking tasks to be performed simultaneously.

      Material: 201 stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 1100*700*800 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Affordable price

         •  Full burning vertical flame

         •  Special energy-saving design saves 2/3 of energy consumption

         •  Storage shelf at the bottom increases efficiency of accessing items

         •  Heavy-duty cast iron grates support a variety of cookware and                     allow for disassembly and cleaning

         •  Metal knobs for easy operation and low failure rate

         •  Tightly tested air inlets for safety

         •  Easy to remove and dump crumb tray

         •  Non-slip stainless steel load-bearing feet

Commercial 8 Burner Gas Cooker with Grille Plate CM-BZLGS-D62 7KW*6+30KW*2

This commercial range is capable of delivering 42kw + 60kw of power. It includes two double-ring burners and six single-ring burners. The double ring burners have two valve controls and are able to provide a larger flame.

      Material: 201 stainless steel plus + cast iron

      Size: 1500*730*800 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Iron plate laid on the burner, able to take on smaller pots and                       pans or casseroles

         •  Cast iron grates for easy disassembly and cleaning

         •  Storage dividers for various items to improve accessibility

         •  Sealed gas inlet and durable gas piping

         •  Supports natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and manufactured                 gas

         •  Energy efficient design allows for 1/3 of the gas consumption of                   traditional blower ranges

         •  No flare-up failure during use

3.Best Countertop Gas Stove

countertop 4 burner gas range CM-HS-4

Heavy Duty Four-head Restaurant Gas Range CM-HS-4 120,000 BTU

The small size of this commercial range makes it suitable for kitchens with limited space to place it on the countertop while cooking various types of food and supporting different cookware. The four burners provide a total of 120,000 BTU of heat.

      Material: stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 600*770*350 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Countertop design saves space

         •  Each burner is individually controlled by a metal heating knob

         •  Grease tray that can be easily pushed, pulled and dumped

         •  Removable cast iron grates for easy cleaning

         •  4″ adjustable support feet allow for smooth placement of unit on                 countertop

         •  Burners with high-temperature resistant coating will not turn gray               and white after extended use

         •  Full burning vertical flame

heavy duty 6 burner countertop Gas Stove CM-HS-6

Commercial Countertop Six Burner Gas Stove CM-HS-6 180,000BTU

Standing smoothly on the countertop with stainless steel support feet, this unit offers more open burners to handle heavy cooking demands, with six burners each delivering 30,000 BTU of heat.

      Material: stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 900*770*350 mm (W x D x H)


         •  ETL/CSA certified

         •  Individual metal knob control

         •  Removable grease tray for easy dumping and cleaning

         •  Stainless steel 4″ non-slip support feet

         •  Easily removable high-temperature resistant oven rack

         •  Thickened stainless steel housing

4.Best Commercial Range

commercial floor gas range with oven CM-HFSO-36

Commercial Gas 6 Burner Cooker With Oven CM-HFSO-36 210,000BTU

Each burner of this range delivers 30,000 BTU of heat, and it comes with a raised back plate that keeps out grease or water that splashes out during cooking.

      Material: stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 915*827*1532 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Delivers a total of 210,000 BTU

         •  Large capacity oven with double racks

         •  Enameled oven trays are non-stick and easy to clean

         •  Oven temperature can be adjusted from 250-550°F

         •  ETL and CSA certified

         •  Comes with gas conversion kit

         •  Easy to pull out and remove crumb tray

         •  Adjustable 6″ support feet

commercial-gas-range-4-burner-with-grill CM-HFSO-36-G12

Gas Four-Head Cooker with Oven and Griddle CM-HFSO-36-G12 170,000BTU

This range combines multiple cooking functions, including burners, ovens and grills, to enable simultaneous boiling, baking and searing, which greatly improves cooking efficiency.

      Material: stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 915*827*1532 mm (W x D x H)

      Features :

         •  Total heat output of 170,000 BTU

         •  Equipment is ETL/CSA certified

         •  The size of the grill is 12″x12″

         •  Double rack oven with adjustable temperature between 200-500°F

         •  Full-burning vertical flames

         •  High temperature resistant coating on cast iron oven racks will not               gray out with long-term use

         •  6″ adjustable support feet support free height adjustment

         •  Round SUS handles ensure comfort

6 Burner Gas Range and Salamander CM-HFSO-60-GS24

Gas Six-Head Cooker with Two Oven and a Griddle CM-HFSO-60-G24 280,000BTU

Enough to handle all baking tasks during busy working hours, the commercial gas ranges of two ovens with six burners and one large 24“ griddle greatly improves restaurant efficiency.

      Material: stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 1524*827*1532 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Can provide 280,000 BTU of heat in total

         •  The size of the grill is 24”x 24“

         •  Two double ovens greatly increase the productivity of the kitchen                 for baked goods

         •  Ceramic baking pans are easy to clean

         •  The unit is ETL and CSA certified

         •  Removable crumb tray

         •  Round stainless steel handles for operator comfort

         •  Durable metal heating knobs

         •  Cast iron grates that can support a variety of cookware and                         disassemble for easier cleaning

         •  Adjustable 6″ stainless steel support feet

5.Best Soup Stove

Gas Soup Range CM-1T-002

Single-head Short Soup Stove 35KW CM-1T-002 35KW

With excellent load-bearing capacity and heating performance, as well as surprising value for money, this soup range is the perfect equipment for soups, sauces and stews.

      Material: 201 stainless steel + cast iron

      Size: 700*700*800 mm (W x D x H)


         •  Electronic ignition for quick and easy use

         •  High precision sensor detects abnormal flame out condition                         and immediately stops gas supply

         •  Adjustable stainless steel support feet

         •  With a fan, so that the gas is fully burned to achieve                                     energy-saving effect

         •  35kw of power

         •  Easy connection with tightly tested gas inlet

         •  Easy operation of fire and gas valve controls

         •  Cast iron grates support heavy-duty cookware

         •  Raised back plate prevents splashing of soup

6.Best Gas Steamer

Commercial gas Food Steamers CM-DSS-1BT

Commercial Gas Vertical Steamer CM-GS-K1-B 40KW

With seven steam holes and 40kw of power, this commercial gas ranges can boil water and provide steam in a very short time, suitable for Southeast Asian restaurants to make noodles, buns, dumplings, etc.

      Material: 304 stainless steel

      Size: 2150*1200*800+450 mm (W x D x H)


         •  180° adjustable faucet for easy access to water while cooking 

         •  Abnormal flame-out protection

         •  Stainless steel one-piece pressed and formed housing, no                             welding points, not easy to rust

         •  Removable grease tray for easy pushing, pulling and dumping

         •  Filter plate prevents debris from clogging the drain

         •  Stainless steel feet support free height adjustment

         •  Quick ignition with ignition gun

         •  Widened smoke vent for effective ventilation

How to choose the right commercial gas range?

After a thorough understanding of the types of commercial gas ranges, you will be able to determine which range is necessary based on the menu items that need to be prepared. At the end we share some tips for picking a range that we hope will help anyone who is about to start a business with a commercial gas range.

1. Burner power

The power of various gas ranges ranges from 500-18,000 BTU, while commercial kitchen gas ranges can reach 30,000 BTU per burner. power is critical to cooking time, so if you want to increase cooking efficiency as short as possible, then you need to choose a high BTU gas range.

2. Number of burners

Choose a vertical or tabletop gas range and the number of burners according to the actual kitchen space. 4 or 6 burners are sufficient for small restaurants, while for larger restaurants you may need 8 or more burners.

3. Choose the right material

Gas stove tops are usually available in brass and aluminum, both of which are suitable as safe and efficient accessories for gas stove applications, but brass has a higher priority than aluminum.

And in the overall material selection, 304 stainless steel is better than 201 stainless steel in quality, but also more expensive. Stainless steel has a beautiful appearance and strong construction, and can be used for a long time in a heavy oil environment.

4. Safety

Open flame always carries certain safety hazards, for commercial kitchens such as the frequent use of high-powered appliances and open flame equipment, the acquisition of high-precision flame-out sensor needle can be detected in a short period of time accidental flame-out, and immediately cut off the gas source to avoid gas leaks.

5. Convenience

All features of commercial gas ranges are designed to improve the user’s experience: the tray at the bottom collects water and grease that flows out during cooking, making it easy to dump and clean after finishing cooking; the caster design of vertical gas ranges makes it easy to move the position and clean the bottom and back; the storage cabinet or oven design below the gas range can achieve the role of easy access, space saving and efficiency. Please choose whether you need these functional configurations according to your needs.

We have briefly described some of the most important selection tips. If you are more interested in choosing a gas range, please go to How to Choose a Right Commercial Gas Range to learn more about selection tips and maintenance methods.


Despite learning about so many commercial gas ranges styles, it’s still not easy to actually make a choice. We hope this article has helped you, and that when you choose the right range, they will work surprisingly well in your kitchen.

Thank you for your interest in our products