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Commercial Blast Freezer Equipment CM-E40T Blast Chillers with 40 Trays -49℉

With its large capacity, excellent refrigeration and ease of use, this commercial blast freezer equipment will be a cost-effective choice for large bakeries and restaurants.

Supporting 40 trays for easy loading and pickup, this commercial blast freezer equipment is ideal for quickly freezing food in medium to large bakeries, ice cream parlors, restaurants and seafood markets. It freezes food in the shortest possible time, protecting meat, fish and other foods from bacteria while ensuring no loss of nutrition.

The entire unit consists of 304 stainless steel and a thickened insulation foam layer, allowing it to withstand the rigors of the commercial environment with stability and durability while being easy to clean. A core temperature probe inside the cabinet ensures that your food reaches the right storage temperature. The automatic defrost system in air-cooled mode simplifies maintenance, and the smart touch screen is easy for anyone to operate.

Trolley-style Blast Freezer CM-BL-E40T
Refrigeration Systems
High refrigeration efficiency
This freezer has a powerful compressor powering it, with balanced cooling and shorter food freezing time. Capable of lowering 330 pounds of food from 194°F to 37°F and 220 pounds of food from 194°F to -0.4°F in its cooling cycle, both freshly cooked semi-cooked products and fresh seafood, meat and dough can be lowered to the proper storage temperature in the shortest possible time.
Durable stainless steel construction
This freezer inside and outside are made of thickened 304 stainless steel material, even if long time use will not appear on the surface of the black rust phenomenon, and the appearance of fashionable and easy to clean maintenance, suitable for the kitchen busy hot and humid working environment. In order to enhance the strength of the cabinet and better insulation performance, the side panels around the equipment are made of 75mm thick environmentally friendly foam.
self contained blast chiller Internal
stainless steel blast chiller probe
Precision Food Temperature Probe
When the freezing cycle is over, you can insert a food probe inside the food to detect if the center temperature meets the storage temperature criteria.
commercial blast freezer for meat Condenser tube
Pure copper condenser tube
The pure copper condenser tube has good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity to ensure efficient heat dissipation of the blast chillers with 40 trays.
Stainless Steel Blast Chiller control plate
Multiple freezing modes
This commercial blast freezer equipment adopts a multi-functional integrated intelligent control panel, with a variety of quick-freezing modes operated by one key. Soft freeze mode, hard freeze mode and very fast freeze mode, according to the characteristics of different food refinement storage can ensure the maximum quality of food. After a day of use, you can choose the "defrost" function to remove the frost inside the cabinet with one key, which is convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning.
commercial blast freezer for meat layer frame
trolley for easy loading and unloading
The 40-tray cart is designed for easy loading and unloading of food, simplifying the work process. You no longer have to carry food trays one by one to the freezer.
self contained shock freezer Sealing Strip
Highly flexible rubber door seals
The rubber door seal ensures a tight fit when closed and does not dissipate cold air. It can be easily removed for cleaning.
Commercial Blast Freezer Equipment CM-E40T Blast Chillers with 40 Trays -49℉



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Trolley-style Blast Freezer CM-BL-E40T
Commercial Blast Freezer Equipment CM-E40T Blast Chillers with 40 Trays -49℉



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