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Mesin Pemotong Sayur CM-VC65 MS Mesin Penghiris Kubis Corong Bulat

Easy to operate and high capacity, this commercial vegetable cutting machine is the best choice for your kitchen to use to save labor!

This commercial vegetable cutting machine is an ideal choice for the catering industry, catering to a variety of establishments such as schools, hotels, restaurants, hot pot restaurants, and barbecue shops. It is versatile and capable of cutting various shapes of fruits and vegetables. With 32 selectable cutting blades, it can handle dicing, slicing, and shredding, meeting diverse culinary requirements.  The machine boasts a high production capacity of 50 to 60 kg/h, ensuring outstanding performance under high-intensity usage.

Constructed with a sturdy and durable aluminum alloy body, this vegetable cutting machine is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easy to move. The safety lock protection feature prevents accidents during operation, prioritizing the safety of the operators. Additionally, it is equipped with a high-performance pure copper motor, ensuring stable, efficient, and prolonged operation. Not only does it consume less electricity, but it also operates smoothly, providing reliable power support for kitchen operations.

User-friendly operation is a key feature of this cutting machine, making it suitable for both experienced chefs and kitchen novices. The machine’s easy disassembly and cleaning further enhance its convenience, ensuring compliance with hygiene standards and reducing the burden of maintenance. This contributes to the overall efficiency of the kitchen team, improving overall workflow. In summary, this commercial multifunctional vegetable cutting machine combines safety, efficiency, and durability, making it an indispensable tool for kitchen managers.

mesin pemotong sayur VC65 MS
mesin pemotong kentang Bilah VC65 MS
Gunakan cakera yang berbeza untuk keperluan anda
Mesin pemotong sayur pelbagai fungsi ini Cakera dan bilah untuk 32 jenis pemprosesan, potong dadu, penghirisan, penghirisan dan bentuk lain untuk memenuhi keperluan restoran yang berbeza.
pintu masuk mesin pencincang sayur VC65 MS
Larger inlet up to Ø165m Round Hopper
Pelabuhan suapan bulat, boleh digunakan untuk sayur-sayuran berdaun, bawang, kubis kentang, kubis dan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran berdiameter besar lain,
Mesin Pemotong Sayur CM-VC65 MS Mesin Penghiris Kubis Corong Bulat


Product Overview


Model No


Saiz mesin (Wx Dx H)












Saiz bungkusan



Keluli tahan karat/Aluminium Anod

Mod kawalan

Putar butang

Cakera parut

3mm, 4.5mm, 7mm

Cakera penghiris

2mm, 4mm

Sumber dan Muat Turun

Sales Information

Membawa Masa

Kuantiti(Keping) 1-30 >30
Est. Masa(hari) 1-7 hari 30 hari


Disesuaikan logo SELAMAT: 1 Set

Customized packaging MOQ: 10Set

Penyesuaian grafik: SELAMAT: 10 Set


mesin pemotong sayur VC65 MS
Mesin Pemotong Sayur CM-VC65 MS Mesin Penghiris Kubis Corong Bulat


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