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Warmly Celebrate the Chefmax Annual Meeting Ceremony!

Post on 31/01/2024

On January 26, 2024, the Chefmax annual meeting ceremony with the theme of “Customer First, Creating the Future Together” was held grandly at the famous Rhine Hotel. All Chefmax employees gathered together to enjoy a gourmet feast, awards, lucky draws and watch wonderful performances. Not only is it a celebration of past achievements, but it’s also an incentive for employees to move forward to a better year.

At 5 p.m., the Chefmax annual meeting kicked off on time with cheerful music. First of all, Chefmax CEO expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the friends present and introduced in detail the development history of Chefmax in recent years. He also said: “2023 is a year we are proud of, a year to challenge ourselves and surpass ourselves. Faced with the increasingly changing market and the impact of the epidemic, Chefmax has risen to the challenge. In the fierce market competition, we have Serve every customer well, treat customers as friends, and create great results together. I believe we will have greater breakthroughs in 2024.”

The talent show is also one of the highlights of this annual meeting. The performance team is entirely composed of Chefmax employees. It is a combination of entertainment and collaboration. The company’s 100 employees are divided into 5 teams. Everyone actively participates and communicates enthusiastically. Careful preparation also showcased the diverse talents of the employees. From stunning musical performances, and melodrama, to captivating dance, every performance was a feast for the eyes of all present. In the future, Chefmax will pay more attention to the growth and development of employees, so that every employee can continuously improve their abilities and value.

The meeting reaches its climax with the presentation of awards and a thrilling lottery session. These awards celebrate employees who exhibit exceptional dedication and skill in their roles, honoring their outstanding performance, leadership, and pursuit of excellence. Chefmax bestows prestigious awards upon deserving individuals. Additionally, an engaging lottery session ensures participation from every employee, with thoughtful gifts prepared for each recipient.

Chefmax top sales
Chefmax top sales team
Exquisite Gifts

Looking forward to the future, Chefmax will take advantage of the annual meeting to embark on a journey of continuous excellence and innovation. The conference also injects new energy and motivation into employees through inspiring performances, awards and heartfelt gratitude. Unwavering in our commitment to serving our customers and exceeding expectations, Chefmax always strives to push the boundaries of culinary excellence and shape the future of the industry.

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