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Elevating Dining Experience: Open Kitchen Project in Spain

Post on 28/04/2024

In today’s food-centric era, where customers are becoming more and more aware of what they eat and how it is prepared, the open kitchen concept is becoming more and more popular. It was with this philosophy in mind that Mr. Huzman Meskallal approached Chefmax. Yes, he plans to open an open-kitchen restaurant, an idea that has been brewing in his mind for quite some time. Mr. Huzman Meskallal’s restaurant is located in the center of CALLE ALISO in Almencilla, Seville, Spain.

Efficient cooperation

He first provided Chefmax with a rough design proposal, which we evaluated and confirmed the specific details with Mr. Huzman Meskallal. During this process, we provide more professional advice to ensure efficient operation of the kitchen and achieve smooth workflow.

The kitchen itself is a model of efficiency and innovation. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, the work area is roughly divided into four sections and equipped with the most suitable restaurant equipment based on our extensive experience.

1. Cooking area

This area is the heart of the kitchen, and Mr. Meskallal’s open kitchen focuses on Western cuisine. We recommended a range of equipment for Mr. Huzman Meskallal based on the menu and his needs, including a six-burner gas stove, restaurant deep fryer, commercial flat top griddle и 6 burner pasta cooker. These equipment can maximize production efficiency and meet customer demand for diverse dishes.

2. Food processing and dining area

This area is equipped with an undercounter refrigerator and commercial bain maries to ensure that chef Jason can quickly complete the final processing of food and present the most perfect food to customers.

Open kitchen project
open kitchen restaurant

3. Cleaning area

In order to ensure the hygiene and safety of the kitchen, the cleaning area is set up independently. This area is equipped with a door type dishwasher, which can perform high-temperature cleaning and disinfection of all tableware to keep the kitchen tidy and hygienic.

4. Ingredients storage area:

 Использование reach in refrigerator ensures the freshness of ingredients, and is equipped with a commercial ice cream machines to meet the needs of ice cream or desserts.

door type dishwasher
commercial ice cream machines

The equipment selected above all adopt a consistent style, ensuring the cleanliness and beauty of the kitchen and improving the user’s visual experience. After repeated confirmation and optimization, kitchen facilities and work processes have been seamlessly connected, ensuring the consistency and excellence of every gourmet dish.

Excellent service

In less than 30 days, Chefmax delivered the complete open kitchen project directly to Meskallal, with guidance on installation and use. This hassle-free experience reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and emphasizes the seamless synergy between quality products and exceptional service.

As Mr. Meskallal’s restaurant continues to thrive, it has become a beacon of excellence in Spanish cooking. The relationship between customer and restaurant is harmonious, which is why diners flock here to experience the magic of the open kitchen, where every meal is a masterpiece.

For those eager to replicate this success, Chefmax is ready to turn the dream into reality. With our expertise and dedication, we provide more than just restaurant kitchen equipment, we provide the foundation for culinary excellence and unforgettable dining experiences. Contact Chefmax today to start your cooking journey.

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