Pembeku Letupan Komersial CM-E22T Pembeku Letupan Terbaik dengan 22 Dulang -45℃


Ini penyejuk beku letupan komersial supports 22 trays and is easy to load and pick up, making it ideal for quick freezing of food in medium to large bakeries and ice cream parlors, as well as restaurants and seafood markets.

It freezes food in the shortest possible time, protecting meat, fish and other foods from bacteria while ensuring no loss of nutrition. The entire unit is made of high-quality stainless steel with a thickened foam layer, allowing it to withstand the rigors of a commercial environment while being easy to clean.

With a core temperature probe inside the cabinet, you can be sure that your food arrives at the ideal temperature. An automatic defrost system in air-cooled mode simplifies maintenance, and a simple, smart touch screen is easy for anyone to operate.


Pembeku letupan komersial ini sangat cekap dalam penyejukan, stabil dan tahan lama, serta meningkatkan kualiti bahan pengawet.

Additional information

Model No



Pembeku letupan troli

Bilangan dulang makanan

22 dulang



Berat bersih


Minimum Temperature


Pocurved Glass Lidwer



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