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Chicken Pressure Fryer CM-PFE-800 KFC Chicken Express Pressure Fryer 25L

This chicken pressure fryer can cook ingredients quickly and help make your kitchen more efficient!

The overall body of this chicken pressure fryer is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which can resist the corrosion of grease and water in the kitchen and is easy to clean. Adopting the principle of low temperature and high pressure, the fried food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with distinctive color.

It can fry duck, fried chicken, chicken wings, fish, ribs, and other kinds of meat and vegetables. You can edit and memorize 10 menus in the operation panel, and clearly see the level of air pressure in operation. This equipment has a built-in oil filter system to help improve the quality of the oil.

pressure fryer chicken
프라이팬 오일 방출 장치
Oil filtration system
The fryer's built-in oil filtration system not only saves space and ensures that fried foods maintain high quality results, but also greatly extends the life of the oil and reduces operating costs.
restaurant depot deep fryer backet
스테인리스 바구니
Stainless steel frying basket ensures the hygiene and safety of fried food, it will not be damaged by high temperature and grease, and has a long service life.
fried chicken pressure fryer
고품질 히터 튜브
This chicken pressure fryer has the best heater tubes that heat up quickly to the temperature you want, so you don’t have to wait too long to cook delicious food!
deep fryer pressure
모바일 캐스터
The 4 casters with excellent weight-bearing capacity have stable brakes, so you can move the machine easily and place it smoothly.
닭고기를 위한 최고의 상업용 튀김기
Pressure system
The pressure valve will pressurize the inside of the frying pan to 0.08pa during the cooking process, resulting in faster ripening and better quality food.
electric floor deep fryer CM-PFE-800
디지털 디스플레이 패널
The KFC Chicken Express Pressure Fryer uses a digital display panel, which can precisely adjust the temperature and can edit 10 memorize menu.
Chicken Pressure Fryer CM-PFE-800 KFC Chicken Express Pressure Fryer 25L



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304 스테인레스 스틸

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pressure fryer chicken
Chicken Pressure Fryer CM-PFE-800 KFC Chicken Express Pressure Fryer 25L



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