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Commercial Pressure Fryer CM-PFE-5910 KFC Pressure Fryer Fried Chicken

Optimize your high-volume cooking with this commercial pressure fryer. Its pressure design enhances efficiency and fuel economy, saving you money.

The commercial pressure fryer ensures consistently juicy and delicious results by frying entire batches of food quickly and at lower temperatures, effectively sealing in moisture and flavor. Its pressure-sealed technology not only promotes healthier cooking by minimizing oil absorption but also reduces energy and oil consumption compared to conventional open fryers. By minimizing air exposure, this KFC pressure fryer fried chicken extends the lifespan of cooking oil, enhancing cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Ideal for fast-food restaurants and catering establishments needing efficient frying solutions, it represents a highly economical choice for achieving superb fried foods consistently.
KFC Pressure Fryer Fried Chicken
kentucky fried chicken pressure fryer
Advanced Precision Control plate
The intuitive panel features 10 heating levels, and you can customise each stage to precisely match the temperature and time your dish requires, ensuring optimal cooking results every time.
fried chicken pressure fryer
Efficient Heating
Built with rugged 304 food-grade heating tubes, this commercial pressure fryer maximizes efficiency, delivering consistent and exceptional frying performance to meet the demands of high-volume operations.
pressure fryer oil filter
Extend Oil Life
Maximize resources with the integrated oil filtration system, significantly prolonging the usability of cooking oil. This reduces costs and environmental impact while preserving the quality of fried foods.
pressure fryer Premium Insulation
Premium Insulation
Maintain a steady temperature and improve energy efficiency with premium 5 cm thick insulation. It is perfect for demanding kitchen environments, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing heat loss.
deep fryer pressure
Enhanced Mobility and Ease of Use
Enjoy effortless maneuverability with swivel casters, facilitating smooth movement and easy cleaning for seamless operation and maintenance in busy kitchens.
Commercial Pressure Fryer CM-PFE-5910 KFC Pressure Fryer Fried Chicken



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제품 개요


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60L(45kg shortening)


8 chickens/time

Temp. Range


Rated Working Pressure





304 스테인레스 스틸


3N380V, 50Hz


Gross/Net Weight


Product Size(WxDxH)


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KFC Pressure Fryer Fried Chicken
Commercial Pressure Fryer CM-PFE-5910 KFC Pressure Fryer Fried Chicken



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