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Single Burner Gas Soup Range CM-1T-002 Commercial Kitchen Soup Stove 35KW

This single burner gas soup range features a powerful flame, ideal for efficiently preparing large quantities of soups and sauces.

Designed to withstand the toughest commercial environments, this single burner gas soup range is a reliable and versatile addition to any kitchen. Perfect for quickly preparing a variety of stews, soups, signature dishes, and more, it features a powerful 35kW burner that heats quickly and evenly. The control valve and electronic ignition ensure ease of use, allowing even novices to create delicious dishes with confidence. Ideal for Asian restaurants or any establishment that requires making sauces and stews.

Kisaran Sup Gas CM-1T-002
Powerful Flame
A high-quality and energy saving cast iron burner with a blower can create a very powerful flame, allowing your sauce or soup to heat up quickly in a short time.
Sistem kontrol kompor gas Cina CM-1T-002
Flameout Protection
The commercial kitchen soup stove has a built-in flameout protection device and uses high-precision sensors to detect accidents and automatically cut off the gas supply to ensure the safety of the kitchen and operators.
Kisaran Sup Gas Komersial CM-1T-002
Cast Iron Grating
The durable cast iron grate has a high load-bearing capacity and can hold heavier pots and pans smoothly. Removable design for easy cleaning.
Kisaran Sup Gas Pembakar Tunggal CM-1T-002
Konstruksi Baja Tahan Karat
One-piece stamped stainless steel panels have no welding points to prevent water intrusion and rust. Its sturdy construction ensures long-term use.
Kompor gas Cina dengan kaki yang bisa disesuaikan
Biaya Dukungan yang Dapat Disesuaikan
The single burner gas soup range is stainless steel, non-slip support feet provide stability and allow you to adjust the stove's height for smooth operation in commercial kitchens.
Single Burner Gas Soup Range CM-1T-002 Commercial Kitchen Soup Stove 35KW


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Gas Inlet

3/4 "(DN20) * 1

Inlet Pressure lpg



Baja tahan karat 201#

Support Method

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Flameout Protection


Adjustable Faucet


Ignition Method

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Kuantitas (Potongan) 1-30 >30
Est. Waktu (hari) 1-7days 30 hari


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Kisaran Sup Gas CM-1T-002
Single Burner Gas Soup Range CM-1T-002 Commercial Kitchen Soup Stove 35KW


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