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  If your equipment fails, our engineer network and internal team will help you. Please provide as detailed information as possible, and our team members will call you back.


  The standard warranty period we provide for our products is 1 year (parts and artificial). This is suitable for all electrical appliances. In many cases, we do provide a longer warranty period, which is explained in our online products and directory.

  When arranging for maintenance, this is usually performed in your place, or directly mail the accessories to you after the problem is located. For smaller items, we will collect and repair in our workshop. Regardless of the arrangement, we are committed to solving the problem quickly and effectively, and let you return to normal operation as soon as possible. All of our engineers are fully qualified and received training, which can provide high -quality maintenance services for all our products.

Warranty: To report the fault and arrange for maintenance, please submit a complete warranty and maintenance application form at the bottom.
  You can call the service: +86 13265320092 Send an email to:[email protected] to record your request.
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