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The Classic Recipes Needed to Start a Bingsu Business

Post on 15/05/2023

Are you trying to start a Korea bingsu business in a restaurant or food stand? Then some hot bingsu recipes are essential. This Korean snack has taken some new twists as it has gone global, with ingredients and toppings no longer limited to the traditional milk, red beans, and rice cakes, but all the things you like, such as fruit, chocolate, marshmallows, and more – which is exactly why people love it so much.

This post shares 3 well-loved bingsu recipes to help restaurant or food stand owners use commercial bingsu machines to increase business, attract customers and boost revenue.

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1. Tiramisu bingsu

The delicious tiramisu-flavored bingsu is a popular choice for many owners who are planning to start a Korea bingsu business. The chocolate powder and caramel sauce give the bingsu its sweet aroma.

Start Korea bingsu business essential tiramisu bingsu


The following ingredients can make two 650ml bingsu, you can increase or decrease the amount according to the proportion.

A. light cream 400g, black tea 10g

B. 400g of drinking water, 80g of granulated sugar

C. Pure milk 400g

D. Toppings and garnishes: black tea jelly, taro ball, coconut dice, coffee liquid, frozen yogurt cubes, cream, caramel sauce, caramel cookies.

Preparation steps

Make cream black tea mixture

      •  Add the black tea to the light cream and heat until it comes to a slight boil (with small bubbles coming out from the edges) and then turn off the heat.

      •  Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes, you can seal the mouth of the container with plastic wrap so that the light cream can be fully mixed with the tea aroma.

Make a sugar-water mixture

      •  Add the sugar to the water and stir until there are no particles, using room temperature water is fine, but heating can dissolve the sugar faster.


      •  Strain the tea leaves from the creamy black tea mixture, pour the strained light cream into the sugar-water mixture, and mix well.

      •  Then add 400g of pure milk and mix well.

Tips: The finished bingsu original liquid can be kept refrigerated for 1-3 days. Cream and other raw materials can easily deteriorate or breed bacteria, proper storage and use as soon as possible can ensure safety and hygiene, which is an important guarantee for the success of the bingsu business.

Ice-making and assembly

      •  Pour the mixed solution into the mesin bingsu to start making ice. A professional bingsu maker can bring a fluffier texture to the finished product.

      •  After the container has more than half of the ice, put a layer of ingredients first, you can use tea jelly and crispy balls.

      •  Continue making ice, rotating the container as you take on the snowflakes so that they can be stacked into a nice hill shape.

      •  Garnish once more to give the bingsu a beautiful appearance. Squeeze a circle of the coffee mixture around the edge, put frozen yogurt cubes, caramel cookies, and cream (if you want a nice shape, using a laminating nozzle is a good choice), finish with a drizzle of caramel sauce, put a caramel cookie at the top of the bingsu, and you can put small leaves as decoration.

You can adjust the sugar content and ingredients according to your taste or customer feedback.

YouTube detailed production steps: detailed tiramisu bingsu making process

2. Matcha red bean bingsu

This is one of the more classic bingsu desserts and a great choice for an easy and quick start to the Korea bingsu business. Many people love matcha no matter what time of year it is.

Matcha bingsu


A. 500g of drinking water, 100g of granulated sugar

B. Light cream 200g, matcha powder 12g

C. Milk 400g

D. Ingredients and decoration: green tea jelly, taro ball, candied red beans, frozen yogurt cubes, whipped cream, decorative sugar beans

Preparation steps

Make the sugar-water mixture

      •  Pour sugar into drinking water and stir until it is completely dissolved, you can heat it to speed up the process.

Make a cream matcha mixture

      •  Sift the matcha powder into the whipped cream and stir until there are no large particles.


      •  Sift the light cream mixed with matcha powder and add it to the milk. The sieving will remove the particles from the mixture and make the finished product more delicate.

      •  Use a whisking basket to mix the mixture well, and then strain it again to make the solution more delicate.

      •  Add the sugar water and stir.

Ice-making and assembly

      •  Pour the solution into the mesin bingsu and start making ice. the shaved ice machine for bingsu will make the matcha solution into fine snowflakes/ice chips. It has the advantage that there is no need to freeze the solution in the refrigerator in advance, saving time in making.

      •  After putting most of the matcha-flavored snowflakes in the bowl put the first toppings such as the appropriate amount of taro dumplings, green tea jelly, diced coconut, candied red beans, etc.

      •  Continue making the ice, rotating the container so that the snowflakes can completely cover the added toppings and stack them to create a nice hill shape.

      •  Once filled, decorate by placing frozen yogurt cubes on the top and garnishing with some sweet cream and candied red beans.

3. Peach bingsu

During the season when fresh peaches are available, these peaches bingsu a big hit. You can adjust your menu seasonally and increase your Korea bingsu business revenue with this dessert.

Add fresh peaches to the bingsu

Click to watch our YouTube video: Peach bingsu making process


A. Light cream 100g, sugar 60g, drinking water 600g, milk 400g

B. Fresh peaches cut into pieces 120g, peach jam 80g

C. Ingredients and decoration: sliced peaches, green tea jelly, taro ball, coconut fruit dice, frozen yogurt block, sweet cream

Preparation steps


      •  Combine light cream, sugar, water, milk, peaches, and jam in a blender and beat until smooth and creamy.


      •  Sift the solution through a sieve to remove particles and impurities. At this point the solution is light pink, if you need a more vivid color you can add a little dragon fruit juice.

      •  Use a spoon to skim the foam from the surface of the solution.

Ice-making and assembly

      •  Pour the solution into the mesin es serut bingsu for ice making, you can quickly see the fine ice crumbs fall.

      •  When the container is more than half full of snow, stop the machine and put in some diced coconut and taro balls.

      •  Continue making ice, rotating the container so that the snowflakes cover the toppings until they are completely covered and stacked high.

      •  Finally add the garnish by arranging the frozen yogurt cubes, placing fresh peach slices evenly in the crevices, and using a laminating nozzle to squeeze in the whipped fluffy sweet cream. Can be topped with sugar snap peas or small leaves for decoration.

4. Ringkasan

We hope this detailed bingsu recipe will help everyone who wants to start a bingsu business, whether you run a restaurant, cafe, food truck, or bar. One more tip, picking the right professional bingsu machine from a trusted supplier can increase the success rate of your business. For more information on bingsu recipes and equipment, hubungi Chefmax and we’ll respond quickly and answer in detail.

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