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Commercial Pressure Steamer 12 Tray CM-GC-12 Single Door Highland Steamer

Use this commercial pressure steamer 12 tray for preparing vegetables, seafood, rice, and more, making it perfect for a variety of busy restaurants!

Introducing our state-of-the-art single door highland steamer, engineered to deliver exceptional performance in both standard and high-altitude regions. Designed with robust pressure capabilities, this steamer runs smoothly even in plateau areas, ensuring consistent and reliable operation. With a generous capacity of 12 plates, it caters to large-scale cooking needs while boasting an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design. The steamer features effective heating systems and an automatic sprinkler device, eliminating any concerns about water shortage. Safety is paramount, with induction ball valves and water shortage induction probes integrated to prevent dry burning.

Constructed entirely from high-grade stainless steel, this commercial pressure steamer 12 tray is built to last, providing a sturdy and durable solution for your culinary needs. Intelligent timing and temperature control features ensure precise and consistent steaming, enhancing the quality of your dishes. Whether you’re operating in a bustling urban kitchen or a high-altitude restaurant, this steamer is your reliable partner, combining efficiency, safety, and superior performance in one innovative package.

Модель №


Total Input

7,8 кВт

Product Size(W*D*H)




Steaming Time

40 мин/ч




60 кг



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