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오븐 CM-EG-886A 전기 플랫 탑 및 홈이 있는 그릴이 있는 상업용 수직 번철

Commercial vertical griddles with oven Whether in the back kitchen or the front room can be used, frying and cooking all kinds of things.

Commercial stainless steel griddle is a professional stove, it can heat up quickly, the fire can be adjusted, the use of German temperature control accessories to ensure the quality of the knob, 상업용 그릴 공급업체 uses a high quality non-magnetic stainless steel, to ensure that no rust does not leak. At the same time, because the thickness of the plate has been certified by the market for many years of testing, is to have the advantages of uniform heating, non-stick and non-paste, thickened iron plate using a thickness of 8mm. Iron plate under the use of a professional double H-type stove head, the stove head evenly spread throughout the tiny air holes, heating up quickly, uniform fire, gas-saving switch, easy to fire, adjust the size of the dampers can control the size of the fire, simple and easy to operate, the dampers can be adjusted, it is recommended to leave a third of the small hole, the factory is adjusted before. The size of the steak surface is carefully designed to operate several cuisines at the same time, to achieve the effect of fast food. Equipment with thickened stainless steel body, corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation, long service life, no rust surface is matte color, anti-corrosion performance is very good, durable. Excellent hardness, not easy to deformation. Multifunctional in one steak oven, think of what to do, a variety of practices, all kinds of excellent. Fry steak, fried tofu, fried squid, fried noodles, etc. High-temperature heating is not sticky or black, electroplating process steak plate, the surface is smooth as a mirror, easy and simple to clean. In order to use safety, to use a special air pressure valve.

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오븐 CM-EG-886A 전기 플랫 탑 및 홈이 있는 그릴이 있는 상업용 수직 번철



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