Komersial Blast Freezer CM-SCE10 Blast Chiller Komersial dengan 10 Baki


Ini freezer ledakan komersial is ideal for quickly freezing cakes, fish, meat, ice cream and other foods. The ultra-low temperature of -112°F freezes food in the shortest possible time and protects it from bacteria.

It supports 10 food trays and is an economical choice for efficient refrigeration and does not take up much space. The entire unit is made of high-quality stainless steel and a thickened foam layer, making it able to withstand the rigors of a commercial environment while being easy to clean.

A core temperature probe inside the cabinet ensures that your food reaches the proper storage temperature. The automatic defrost system in air-cooled mode simplifies maintenance, and the simple, smart touch screen is easy for anyone to operate.


This commercial blast freezer can achieve ultra-low temperature fast freezing, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of preserving ingredients.

Informasi Tambahan

Model Nomor



Freezer ledakan satu pintu

Jumlah nampan makanan

10 nampan



Berat bersih


Minimum Temperature


Pocurved Glass Lidwer



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