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Commercial Steamers for Cooking Seafood CM-CH-W-120 Commercial Crab Steamer

استخدم هذه البواخر التجارية لطهي المأكولات البحرية لطهي طعام صحي ولذيذ على البخار ، وهو صديق للبيئة وموفر للطاقة!

This commercial steamers for cooking seafood is specially made for steaming seafood. It can retain the nutrition of food and achieve the original flavor. It is operated with one button, which is fast and convenient. With three independent layers, you can make three different foods at the same time, which can avoid the smell of food and increase the efficiency of serving. With 36KW of sufficient power and 360° surround heating, the heat is very uniform. The internal steam circulation achieves the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

جهاز بخار تجاري ثقيل CM-CH-W-120
باخرة الطعام التجارية الكهربائية CM-CH-W-120
Overall stainless steel structure
Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and anti-oxidation, can withstand the harsh commercial environment, stylish and smooth appearance and easy to clean.
أفضل باخرة هوت دوج تجارية CM-CH-W-120
طرق طاقة الغاز
The supply method of gas, 95.8% supply method, can make the food you want more efficiently. In addition, it also has an anti-dry burning function to extend the use of the commercial crab steamer.
أفضل جهاز بخار للطعام التجاري CM-CH-W-120
36L large capacity
The large capacity design can meet the busy needs of the kitchen. Equipped with a thickened and insulated environmentally friendly foam door, it has good thermal insulation and heat preservation properties.
Commercial Steamers for Cooking Seafood CM-CH-W-120 Commercial Crab Steamer



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Product Overview


نموذج رقم:

سم- CH-W-120

Total Input

36 كيلو واط

Product Size(W*D*H)

1200 * 1000 * 1890 مم



Steam Volume

50 م³ / ساعة

Thermal Efficiency



30 لتر

الموارد والتنزيلات

Sales Information


الكمية (القطع) 1-30 >30
الوقت المقدر (أيام) 1-7 أيام 30 يوما


شعار مخصص موك: 1 مجموعة

Customized packaging MOQ: 10Set

التخصيص الجرافيكي: موك: 10 مجموعات

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جهاز بخار تجاري ثقيل CM-CH-W-120
Commercial Steamers for Cooking Seafood CM-CH-W-120 Commercial Crab Steamer



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