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식당용 상업용 전기 그릴 CM-EG-886C 캐비닛이 있는 1/3 그루브 그릴

Use this commercial electric grills for restaurants to complete your cooking work easily and quickly, suitable for various restaurants and barbecue shops!

이 1/3 grooved grill with cabinet can achieve precise temperature control, and a variety of firepower can be easily controlled. It adopts chrome plating process, so the food is not easy to stick to the iron plate and will not be burnt when grilling, and it is very easy to maintain. With constant temperature protection function, even if you can’t keep an eye on the dynamics of the food, this device can keep your food at a constant temperature to ensure the best cooking state of the food. Restaurant equipment BBQ ovens focus on kitchen equipment, making cooking faster and easier, saving energy and electricity. No matter how much food is made, it will save energy and reduce emissions for the restaurant, creating more wealth.

이 commercial electric grills for restaurants is made of stainless steel to ensure no corrosion, no rust, no leakage. Cooking food takes less time, because the steak sides are well positioned and huge, so multiple dishes can be cooked at the same time. Thoughtful oil leakage hole design, clean oil residue at any time. 16mm thick chrome-plated plate, evenly heated, durable and not easy to deform, the fire is in place instantly. At the same time, the multi-ring heating tube is adopted, and the heat conduction area of the tube body does not need to wait for a long time for preheating, and the heating speed is fast. Zone temperature control, self-made delicious food, customers don’t have to wait for a long time! Large area of steak noodles, one cooking volume, supply volume and work efficiency, no longer afraid of customers snatching it!

Total input 8.1KW
제품 (W*D*H) 800*900*940mm
Material 304SS
Griddle size 625*500*16mm

식당용 상업용 전기 그릴 CM-EG-886C 캐비닛이 있는 1/3 그루브 그릴



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