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Full Size Electric Oven CM-HH-15010 Commercial Double Door Electric Oven 150L

Use this full size electric oven to make bread, cookies or pizza quickly and with even heat, perfect for all bakeries!

With 2800W of power and a large 150L capacity, this full size electric oven is perfect for baking your baked meals, breads, cakes cookies and roasts. The spacious inner cavity can also put down a 12-inch pizza.

Stainless steel heating tubes evenly spaced around the perimeter ensure even heating and improve the quality of the baked product.SS heating elements make the unit heat up smoother and last longer, with the advantage of a low failure rate. The oven shell is made of high quality stainless steel plate, strong and durable. The surface is smooth and beautiful, not easy to rust or stain.

You can use 5 knobs to adjust the time, temperature and switch various modes. Timing is free in the range of 0-60min, with a ringing bell to remind you when the time is up.The adjustable temperature range of 70℃-230℃ brings a wide cooking range for all the baked food in your menu.

It comes with an enameled baking tray, crumb tray, plated grill grid, roast chicken fork and a plated fork remover. The unit has detailed customization options where you can attach a rotisserie feature, convection feature, interior lights, replacement paint finish, mirrored glass doors, non-stick coating and more, making the unit more suitable for your commercial kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

This commercial double door electric oven has two doors and visual glass so you can see your food baking in real time. The double glazing protects against heat loss.

نموذج رقم:



150 لتر

الجهد االكهربى

220 فولت


50/60 هرتز

Rated power

2800 واط

وضع التحكم


منظم الحراره



0-60 min

Shell material

ستانلس ستيل

Inner liner material

Galvanized plate

Heat pipe material

ستانلس ستيل

Shelf Material

Iron + electroplating

Machine size(W*D*H)

856*610*464 mm

Packing size(W*D*H)

915*648*530 mm

الوزن الصافي


Full Size Electric Oven CM-HH-15010 Commercial Double Door Electric Oven 150L


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