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After-Sales: Provides Comprehensive Support to SUFI Fried Chicken Equipment

Post on 22/05/2024

On May 17, 2024, Chefmax after-sales engineers traveled to Pakistan to perform an important task for the Simply SUFI chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants. This visit was a continuation of our strong partnership, as detailed in our recent fried chicken fast food restaurants case study. Our objective was to provide SUFI with installation guidance, commissioning and training on fried chicken equipment. This full support visit will last approximately one week. It is vital to ensure that SUFI can seamlessly integrate their new kitchen equipment into their daily operations.

Arrival and Initial Assistance

Upon arrival, our engineers found that the restaurant was planning to install various commercial kitchen equipments and the restaurant was also in the renovation stage. The Chefmax team immediately assisted with the installation process, ensuring the space was rational, efficient and that every piece of equipment was positioned correctly and installed safely.  This hands-on support is critical to facilitating a smooth transition and minimizing any potential disruption to restaurant operations.

fried chicken equipment installation
Chefmax visit SUFI fast food chain

Equipment Debugging and Training

Subsequently, our after-sales engineers began to debug the equipment and carefully inspected each piece of equipment. From efficient commercial electric fryer,automatic ice machine, commercial refrigerators freezer to restaurant burger makers and more, this step is critical to ensuring all fried chicken equipment is running at optimal performance levels.

After the debugging process is completed, our engineers conducted comprehensive training for SUFI’s employees.  These courses cover the operation and maintenance of new fried chicken equipment, providing the team with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain high efficiency and product quality.  The training is interactive, features practical demonstrations, and provides ample opportunities for restaurant staff to ask questions and seek clarification.

fried chicken equipment after sales service
상업용 튀김기

Positive Reception and Ongoing Support

SUFI Group is very welcoming and satisfied with our service. They appreciated the thoroughness of our service and were impressed with the professionalism and expertise of our engineers.  This positive response reinforces the strong partnership between SUFI and Chefmax.

In addition, the person in charge of SUFI also expressed strong interest in purchasing additional cooking equipment.

Chefmax team is equally excited about the prospect of continuing this partnership.  We proactively provide ongoing support and ensure Simply SUFI has everything it needs to thrive.  In the meantime, we are currently developing proposals for additional equipment to meet their growing needs and are ready to assist with any future projects.

commercial kitchen equipments company
Positive Reception and Ongoing Support


The after-sales service visit to Simply SUFI was a complete success.  It not only reinforces our commitment to excellent customer service but also lays the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.  If you need any after-sales support or have any questions about our commercial kitchen equipments and services, please contact our dedicated service team now~~

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