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Commercial Countertop Steamer CM-ZG2-380 2 Trays Electric Food Steamers

قم بتلبية احتياجات منتجك بالبخار مع توفير مساحة في مطبخك مع هذا الدرجين من القدر الكهربائي للطعام بالبخار!

This commercial steamer is designed to revolutionize your kitchen operations with advanced steaming technology. These steam cabinets ensure even steam distribution within the inner cavity, allowing food to be fully and quickly heated while maintaining its freshness and flavor. The ultra-high temperature steam, adjustable between 120~130℃ for the second reheating, enhances steam efficiency by over 30% compared to traditional steamers. With the automatic boiler scale cleaning operation, maintenance is hassle-free, requiring only the addition of the specified cleaning agent.

ملكنا commercial countertop steamer feature an intelligent water replenishment system that ensures strong and fresh steam at all times. If the maximum water level is not reached after 20 replenishments, it can be filled to the maximum with a single action. Daily automatic or manual sewage discharge ensures the steam remains clean, while an electric drain valve speeds up boiler drainage. The keep warm mode can be activated manually or automatically after cooking, preserving your dishes at the perfect temperature. With four built-in intelligent menus, you can set each to high-temperature or non-high-temperature steam with a maximum cooking time of 99 minutes and 99 seconds. The built-in heat exchange manifold system further enhances energy recovery, making this 2 trays electric food steamers an efficient and powerful addition to your kitchen.

نموذج رقم:


Machine Size(W*D*H)

672 × 650 × 420 ملم


الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ 304

الطاقة الكهربائية

380-415 فولت 3N ~ 4.4 كيلو وات

Heating Temperature

0-130 ℃



مستوي رقم التعريف الألكتروني


وقت الأرز بالبخار

15 دقيقة

كمية الصواني

2 tryas

Commercial Countertop Steamer CM-ZG2-380 2 Trays Electric Food Steamers



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Water-cooled bingsu machine user manual

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